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Ten Things I Learned This Past Week

May 09, 2011 in Politics

  1. President Obama did not personally kill Osama bin Laden so claiming his death as a victory is arrogance in the extreme.
  2. George W. Bush, who did not personally kill Osama bin Laden and stated publicly that he didn’t care where bin Laden was, is to be thanked for killing Osama bin Laden.
  3. President Obama did not thank George W. Bush for killing Osama bin Laden which is rude.
  4. Osama bin Laden was no longer an important part of al Qaeda so therefore killing him didn’t matter.
  5. The United States does not torture detainees.
  6. When the United States tortures detainees we glean valuable tactical information.
  7. George W. Bush was not responsible for the torture of detainees.
  8. Bush’s policy of torturing detainees yielded the crucial intelligence required to kill Osama bin Laden who was not a vital part of al Qaeda.
  9. George W. Bush, the man who landed a jet fighter on the deck of an aircraft carrier to announce to a fawning press that our Mission was Accomplished, is humble.
  10. Barack Obama’s use of the pronoun “I”, while addressing a single camera in a silent room, is indicative of megalomania.