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Jewish blood is pretty cheap nowadays.

May 21, 2011 in Beltway-itis, Israel

On the transparent fake outrage over Obama saying absolutely nothing new about Israel/Palestine using the ’67 borders as a starting basis:

As an Israeli citizen…You should know that many Israelis actually do understand that we should go back to 67′ borders, but the environment here is so toxic – Not unlike what the far right has done in America – that you just can’t say anything out loud or you’ll be denounce as almost Antisemitic. What’s going on here is awful, Bibi is taking us straight to hell.

Charges of anti-Semitism have lost their market value. Notice, this is from a citizen in Israel, and even there, among Jewish people, dissent gets one called a Jew-hater (just that you’re a self-hating Jew). Obviously, all borders of decency and shame have been erased. One must simply resign oneself to the inevitable: To speak about Israel in any terms other than that of the most belligerently rightwing guarantees that the label anti-Semite will be applied. Nothing you do will prove your bona fides. Nothing you can say will make them stop, except complete capitulation. It doesn’t matter if you think the Likud/American right is pushing Israel on a path towards destruction, your desire to save Israel will not be regarded seriously. You may only take one position: Israel takes what it wants, and Palestinians agree to settle for what’s left, and none of it matters because it’s all Israel anyway. Otherwise, put on your showercap, because the Jewish blood is going to get dumped on your head.

BTW, this is what passes for Palestine nowadays:

Obama didn’t say anything that hadn’t been U.S. policy for decades, but as Andrew Sullivan has been chronicling, the standard is that one adheres to what Israel wants, when it wants it, and right now, with Benjamin Netanyahu as prime minister, this subservience must be offered to the most uncompromising, rigid, unashamedly imperialist prime minister Israel has seen since…the last time Netanyahu was prime minister. Except this time he’s gotten much worse. And this standard doesn’t come from Israel alone, but rather the Republican right and the neocon Beltway elites at the WaPo and NYT. It has become startlingly apparent that, in these people’s eyes, the president of the United States is expected to take his orders from Israel’s prime minister. Thus, Republicans in Congress with no hesitation actively rub shoulders with Netanyahu and seek to undermine their own president. Obama’s speech is a grave affront to Israel, in their eyes, but no face-slap from Netanyahu is questioned.

Anti-Semitism is a real force for evil in the world, but no slur can be allowed to become so feared that one’s actions are dictated by the aversion of ever having it applied to oneself. People will call names. Let them. It’s called ad hominem, and it only matters as much as it is true. So one must return to the arguments. And, as far as my arguments go, I’m quite sure I’ve never said a single thing about Israel that connotes a scrap of anti-Semitism. Nobody has ever offered me a serious challenge to cause me to suspect otherwise. The world is full of assertions. Me, I know myself well enough to know how much love I have for the Jewish people and how much I do wish they had a genuine sanctuary free from worry, and I make the effort to see that all my positions on Israel flow from that foundation.

No matter how great a country Israel is, and no matter how good their people are, they’re just like anybody else: They have rightwingers. Radical ones, religious ones. And, much like in our country, they’re doing everything they can to drive the truck off the cliff. At least here it’s openly known that our rightwingers look forward to Israel’s conversion to Christianity or condemnation to Hell, yet sadly Israeli rightwingers are all too happy to take whatever help they can get for what they believe are their current interests. Their own radical delusions are imagined as trumping whatever silly fantasies their American counterparts have.


Math was always my lowest score.

May 21, 2011 in Politics, Taxes

Enjoy these pics. Somebody feel free to note any discrepancies or changes. The first one is older:

Of course, it’s important to note that by “Bush tax cuts” one includes the tax cuts for all Americans, which constitute 75% of the damage. Yes, America, it’s the fact that you’re not paying those horrible Clinton-era tax rates that is contributing so heavily to our deficit problems. Obama and most Democrats have, unfortunately, consistently harped on raising tax cuts for the rich only and letting the other 75% of the tax cuts stay in place, since that sounds, on the surface, like the best message in an election.

What we need is actual leadership to tell the country a hard truth that isn’t really that hard. Most Americans would give anything to return to the prosperity of the nineties, and that sense of hope we felt when we started to see hope for paying down our deficit and shoring up Social Security and Medicare. Now these things seem like impossible dreams, and the Republicans have solidified themselves behind simply ending Medicare and Social Security as we know it and privatizing them. It doesn’t have to be this way.

Besides, there’s another more important principle at work here. Our future obligations are one thing, but there’s a tab we already ran up, and every American is on the hook for that bill. Our democratically elected leaders spent a lot of money already, and it’s time to pony up. George W. Bush committed a grave act of fiscal irresponsibility slashing our taxes the second our fortunes started to pick up. There were outstanding bills at the time, and he went on a rampage of slashing taxes and increasing spending dramatically.

Talk to me about low taxes after we’ve paid down our debts and fortified the social obligations that maintain massive popular support. That’s what responsibility is about.


Giving the apocalyptics their ounce of pleasure.

May 21, 2011 in We'll post whatever we goddamned want to

And a few ounces of sperm in their shorts. You see, I have to admit, there’s always that little part of me that says…oh, shit, what if that Rapture actually did start today?

Then again, if I recorded everything that a little part of me said, I’d prove all my lovely enemies right about everything.

And at the same time, see you tomorrow!