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It depends on what your definition of “hostilities” is…

Jun 20, 2011 in Barack Obama, Politics

Obama’s waving away of Congress on Libya is unfortunate, poorly reasoned, and unnecessary, perhaps illegal to boot. To those in the HE IS THE SAME AS BUSH camp, this is ironclad proof. To anybody with a scrap of sense, it’s true that this is more rebel support than a full blown war, but hearing that it doesn’t qualify as “hostilities” will force instant guffaws, groans, or other various incredulous noises. And to Congress, it must seem strange to see such little faith that they would support the Libya effort. Most would be happy to provide assent. Ultimately, this choice to not ask Congress for an extension is an affront even to those who agree with the Libya intervention.

That said, Obama has done what he’s done and guess where the ball is? In Congress’ hands. They should hold a vote on an extension, and if it passes, fine. If it fails, then Congress should assert its power, but we all remember how that went during Bush II, so I wouldn’t expect much. If Congress forfeits its check on the executive branch, that doesn’t excuse the executive branch, but it sure as hell doesn’t excuse Congress either, and that’s precisely what I expect people to do while moaning about Obama. If Congress doesn’t protest, then Obama already has its assent.