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Well, lying continuously has worked in the past…

Jun 30, 2011 in Politics

If you give a speech and almost nothing in it is true, you just might be a Republican presidential candidate. Today, Mitt Romney.


I’ll tell anybody who will listen-

Jun 30, 2011 in Culture, Curiosities

HOAs are the devil.

In a less horrible story, a local HOA made an elderly lady stop playing cards and watching TV with her friends in her garage, because the rules said garages could not be living spaces. I’d like to find the persons responsible for moments like these and unleash a verbal tirade that would completely, totally ruin their day.


Republican economic terrorism.

Jun 30, 2011 in Clueless Conservatives, Constitution, Crazy Tea Party People, Deficit, Economy

As the kids say nowadays, this.

Over at Dana’s blog the Fourteenth Amendment’s protection of the validity of the US debt has produced a sort of nervous chuckle without anybody really willing to explain how Republicans could force the US to default without violating the Constitution. Something tells me they’re feeling a bit blindsided.

But when your only goal is to do whatever hurts President Obama, even if that means tanking the economy, you gotta be careful of those blinders.

Sounds to me like Democrats just need to show a little spine to save the country and themselves.

Ah, shit. We might be screwed anyway then.


UPDATE: Fourteenth Amendment fever popping up here and here.