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“If Obama is for it, I’m against it,” isn’t a principle.

Jul 22, 2011 in Clueless Conservatives, Deficit, Politics

It seems to me that after foisting one of the worst presidents in U.S. history upon us for eight years, Republicans couldn’t accept what they did emotionally, instead resolving themselves to treat Barack Obama as if he were not just a bad candidate/president, but some kind of arch-evil Manchurian genetic freak mixture of StalinMaoHitler indoctrinated to bring Sharia law to America who had to be stopped at all costs. They’ve acted like depraved lunatics ever since it looked like he was going to win in 2008, and now we’ve gotten to the point where they’re willing to actually, actively harm the United States over the fact that they’ve rendered themselves incapable of working out any deal with him that doesn’t involve his 100% complete submission to them (they won’t fight him on, say, letting Bush tax cuts persist).

Michael Tomasky, who is starting to become my hero:

Now that’s not what Republicans go on cable television and say. But it’s quite obviously been the whole strategy since the stimulus bill: Obama gets nothing from us. And every so often, someone slips, and the truth is revealed. The other day, after the Gang of Six released its new plan, a Senate leadership aide tweeted the following to Politico’s morning Playbook, which gets read by every Washington insider: “Background guidance: The President killed any chance of its success by 1) Embracing it. 2) Hailing the fact that it increases taxes. 3) Saying it mirrors his own plan.”

Obama ran in 2008 as somebody who was basically the Great Liberal Hope, the guy who was going to be the ultimate refutation to the Bush years, and even three decades of Reaganism. Riding a huge Democratic wave in 2008, he was accordingly viewed as a huge threat to Republicans and their past dominance. He was going to bring the nation the healthcare reform it was so hungry for, rescue the cratering economy, and be charming while he did it all.

In the past two and a half years, liberals have been at times rather excessively disappointed in Obama while those on the right (I can’t really call them conservatives anymore, they’re not) have been excessively warlike towards him. In other words, a despirited home team and an utterly maniacal opposition, which gave us the 2010 election and implanted a gang of complete loons/representatives of loons who are now poised to chop the legs out from under the US/global economy because they believe that in a conflict between revenue being low and spending being high, we can only address one of the two, and that no level of compromise is acceptable. After all, would you compromise with Satan?

Liberals, progressives, Democrats, centrists, libertarians, anybody and everybody who isn’t in that 20% Republican-primary voting nutblock, need to realize that we’ve unfortunately gotten the government we deserved, and that Obama alone can’t do much more than try to mitigate the damage Republicans do to the country. Yet fake “balance” has perpetually convinced “serious” people that the loony right isn’t important, doesn’t matter, can’t really affect things, etc. But here we are, where we actually need them to take an affirmative step forward and cooperate with the Senate and the president to rescue the country from disaster, and if the scales haven’t fallen from the eyes of those who must always insist Democrats are just as much to blame, then default, here we come.

I mean, we’ve had a pretty good run at trying to avoid human fallibility, but the fate of the nation rests in a group of spectacularly fallible people. Time for empire-crumbling contingency plans…