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Humans are broken.

Aug 19, 2011 in Booze & or Drugs, Drugs, Straight-up madness, Where's the outrage?!?!

Because this article, like the hundreds before and after, will change nothing. In this case of Drug War madness, having an amount of marijuana that wouldn’t even merit criminal charges will get your kids taken away. But then there’s the real kicker:

Over all, the rate of marijuana use among whites is twice as high as among blacks and Hispanics in the city, the data show, but defense lawyers said these cases were rarely if ever filed against white parents.

The law is one thing, but the unequal enforcement creates one law for whites and another for non-whites. It’s a Jim Crow Drug War, my friends, and if you can’t address that when you discuss drug policy, you aren’t even talking about drug policy.


Who ya gonna believe, me or your lyin’ eyes?

Aug 19, 2011 in Politics

We know Republicans will say anything bad is Obama’s fault, but let’s check in on reality:

The markets are tanking. Again. And it’s in part because they expect us to screw up. Again.

That, at least, is what J.P. Morgan is saying. Part of what’s driving the market down is that the company announced that it was cutting its global growth forecasts by a full percentage point for 2011 and 2012. Why? I’ll let them explain:

There are three main reasons for our downgrade. First, the recent incoming data, especially in the US and the euro area, have been disappointing, suggesting less momentum into 2H11 and pushing down full-year 2011 estimates. Second, recent policy errors – especially Europe’s slow and insufficient response to the sovereign crisis and the drama around lifting the US debt ceiling – have weighed down on financial markets and eroded business and consumer confidence. A negative feedback loop between weak growth and soggy asset markets now appears to be in the making in Europe and the US. This should be aggravated by the prospect of fiscal tightening in the US and Europe.

In other words: Growth is weak and policymakers are hurting rather than helping. The debt-ceiling debate hurt. The dithering response to the euro zone’s debt crisis hurt. And the expected austerity in both the United States and Europe is going to hurt even more. J.P. Morgan notes that one reason they think the United States might tip back into recession is that in the first quarter of 2012, there will be “an automatic tightening fiscal policy if, as our US team currently assumes, this year’s fiscal stimulus measures will expire.”

The business community knows full well that the stimulus drying up is going to make things worse. Yet over in Republican Land, they will happily insist that the stimulus made things worse BECAUSE YOU KNOW THE OBAMA PEOPLE SAID IT WOULD BRING UNEMPLOYMENT DOWN TO 8 INSTEAD OF 9 BUT IT’S 10 DON’T YOU SEE!!!?!?!

Reality says the recession Bush handed off to Obama was worse than predicted, but that the stimulus still shaved a couple points off of unemployment and contributed greatly to growth and GDP.

But 2012 is on the horizon so Republicans are going to say what they’re going to say, because they’re stuck otherwise. What are they going to do, not run? Run and tell the truth, that their policies are hurting the economy, and they’ve prevented Obama from doing more by any means necessary?

Hell, no. The way they think, lying until November 2012 is the only choice they have, because no matter what the facts say, they’re the “real” Americans.