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Rebels take Tripoli?

Aug 21, 2011 in Politics

Count me as somebody who didn’t expect to be reading that headline anytime soon, but it’s looking like Obama’s Libya intervention wasn’t a wrong decision.

Lessee, under Obama that’s several successful Muslim rebellions and one dead Osama bin Laden, minus way, way too many civilian deaths from lethal albeit effective drone strikes. It’s not in the liberal character to run around yelling about our leader’s military prowess, but if a Democrat had Bush’s record and a Republican had Obama’s, it would “prove” that Republicans were better at fighting the War on Terror than Democrats (only stupid Democrats would have invaded Iraq without a plan and found no WMDs, such would be unimaginable with a strong fierce Republican in office!). Obama is likely to end Afghanistan when he said he would in his second term, I only regret that he is unlikely to remove America from the Mideast entirely, as we should. How about some austerity in playing war chess on the global map?

Obama’s lucky this is playing out on a fairly brisk schedule, but perhaps, like with bin Laden, President Obama knew when to roll the dice.


UPDATE: It seems the standard Republican tack is to either pretend Obama had nothing to do with the Libya operation or cry a pile of crocodile tears over the possibility that we could have sped things up a few months (because six months to overthrow a 42-year dictator is clearly unacceptable).