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The Republicans are not a default party, they’re the Party of Default.

Aug 23, 2011 in Politics

Two things that come to mind:

1. The Teapublicans are crazy.
2. The Teapublicans are, unsurprisingly, wrong.

It seems that Republicans believe that they can prevent Obama from doing a thing, even a payroll tax cut that benefits lesser earners, and then be thought of as an alternative batter if we think Obama hasn’t done the best job.

It’s firefighters vs arsonists. People thought they could register economic anger by electing the Teapublicans, and they got a war on women and a kamikaze attack on the US economy.

They have discredited themselves, and they didn’t have much credit to start with. It’s a no-brainer that the country would benefit far more under Obama than any of these unrepentant extremists and panderers.

I love how Republicans claim that despite all their efforts at obstruction, Obama and the Democrats got everything they wanted. I respond that non-crazy people who watched the news know that Democrats didn’t get even close to everything they wanted. Hello, public option, anybody? The ACA itself was a damned compromise as it was. Why should we listen to people telling us we got our Christmas list? It only works if you exclude the voices of the left entirely.

And yet they inevitably shift the goalposts and argue sure, but Democrats PRETTY MUCH got what they wanted and IT WAS SO MUCH. Once again, the stimulus was one-third tax cuts, and had a 4x multiplier I cited earlier.

You don’t hand they keys back to the drunk after you stick them in the back seat and they proceed to choke you while you’re driving everybody home.