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Anti-gay Republicans who crave penis, Vol. 37754873

Aug 30, 2011 in Politics

At least Anthony Weiner only showed his namesake. This guy sticks his spread cheeks on Grindr hunting for some sin.

Have we reached tipping point yet? Shouldn’t homophobic politicians and anti-gay bullies be presumed to be gay until they get caught up in a straight sex scandal?

I mean, ideally nobody would care if Roberto Arrango were gay, except other dudes like him: men who can’t accept their sexuality, who try to eradicate it from society but whoops, their efforts don’t make the desire go away. So they hate harder, but sooner or later they’re dangling their chocolate starfish on gay dating sites or public restrooms or at the massage parlor. When do they stop? When they get caught. Or when society calls their bluff.


The Sun Rose In the East…

Aug 30, 2011 in Politics

And another homophobic Republican politician is caught soliciting gay sex.