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Public disapproves of Obama on economy, likes Obama policies.

Sep 08, 2011 in Barack Obama

This is why Republicans think obstruction can work for them. Even though the public likes Obama’s policy prescriptions for helping the economy, they will continue giving Obama low grades on the economy as long as things don’t get better.

If Obama’s policies aren’t implemented, and unemployment doesn’t show even marginal improvement, and Obama’s overall economic approval numbers remain in the toilet, Republicans could end up politically benefitting from successfully styming individual policies the American people say they want.

Voila! Keep the economy from getting better, Republicans figure, and Obama suffers, even if they’re responsible. Unless Obama spends this next year fighting and making the case for his policies and drawing a clear line in the sand. Voters will tend to blame the president without a clear picture, and Republicans are happy to keep it muddy. But if Obama doesn’t take the fight to Republicans and put them on the defensive, then he’s forgetting a major part of his job and the power of the bully pulpit. He must take the narrative out of their hands.

Btw maybe some goddamn Democrats should try to get on Meet the Press and back him up? The past three years offers a signature lesson for Democrats that pinning all their hopes on one person to do all the work for them doesn’t fly. Republicans were out there on the front lines every day of Bush’s presidency doing whatever they could to define the narrative…and nothing’s changed since Obama took office.


Assuming you thought anything you heard was true…

Sep 08, 2011 in Clueless Conservatives

“Republican” and “factual” don’t really go together all that much, but if you want to see a fact check of the bullshit that got flung around last night, here you go. Hint: People who claim Social Security is a Ponzi scheme don’t know much about either Social Security or Ponzi schemes.


Perry for the LULZ.

Sep 08, 2011 in Clueless Conservatives, Crazy Tea Party People

So it looks like Perry just blew the general election, which will have many Republicans looking at slickster Mitt Romney as the more electable candidate. I know, Republicans, it hurts…Perry reawakens all those tingly parts that went off when Dubya rolled onto the scene, except his sins are twice as bad and his virtues are nowhere to be found. And reminding people of Dubya isn’t going to be a winner in 2012 or hopefully any year ever again. Despite all the hype, Perry has turned out to be a slightly less unhinged Michele Bachman with testicles and a heart that never skipped a beat over the thought of the innocent people he executed.

-which means that he’s got a great chance of snagging that nomination. Cheers!

Not that Romney would be much more trouble for Democrats. Whoops, Republicans just nominated a governor whose main achievement is identical to Obama’s health care reform bill? The freedom-killing government takeover (that isn’t…)?

Some people are having a bit of trouble feeling enthused about Obama after a recent string of concessions to Republicans, but 2012 really seems to come down to something vs. nothing. Republicans, in an effort to sabotage the economy and deny Obama legislative successes, have painted themselves into a corner where doing anything to actively help the economy is somehow bad. Now that will end the moment a Republican holds office again, as it only began the moment a Republican left office, but in between they’re a bit stuck. Obama is proposing a fairly modest $300 billion jobs bill, which is kind of like the stimulus but without so many tax cuts. I haven’t looked at the details much, but neither have Republicans. There’s no need, they already know they’ll reject it. Because it’s doing something. The government should just ride it out!

Or there’s this plan from Romney:

These, along with some other tax changes suggested by Romney (repealing the Affordable Care Act, for example) would result in federal revenue averaging just 16.7 percent of gross domestic product. That’s far below the 20 percent of GDP that Romney says he wants to spend (though, of course, he neglected to lay out what he would cut to get there). It’s even below the levels suggested by House Republican Budget, which abolished Medicare as we know it, slashed Medicaid, and still didn’t balance the budget until 2040.

Taken together, Romney’s fiscal policies would be even worse than the House Budget. His spending levels are the same — though he provides few details as to what he would cut to accomplish this — but his revenue levels are even lower. The result would be continued unsustainable deficits and more debt. In fact, Romney’s plan would yield approximately $6.5 trillion in deficits from 2013 through 2021.

Given these facts, it is odd that Mitt Romney also supports an amendment to the U.S. constitution that would require balanced federal budgets. Romney’s plan doesn’t even come close to balancing the budget, instead resulting in unsustainable deficits and growing debt.

So, how does Romney deal with the fact that his own fiscal plan would be unconstitutional if President Romney got his way? He doesn’t. Either he hasn’t done the math, or he’s hoping you won’t notice his numbers don’t add up. Either way, it doesn’t reflect all that well on him or his economic “plan.”

Well, he’s stuck! He can’t propose anything, but Republicans think tax cuts magically don’t result in deficits. The Bush tax cuts being the biggest contributor to our debt in the past decade hasn’t fazed them. The Republican credo has become this: Nothing but tax cuts is good, tax cuts are always good.

Republicans might as well run Perry, because Perry is who they are. When somebody mentions that 234 people were executed on his watch, Republicans clap and cheer (no, not making that up). Innocents shminnocents! Who’s Cameron Todd Willingham? Who cares?

Can anybody believe we wouldn’t return to using torture under President Perry? To Republicans, that’s a selling point. The rest of us should consider just how lucky we’ve been to have Barack Obama as president, no matter how much better we’d hoped he could be. Maybe that incredible progressive president lies ahead of us, but in the actual United States of America, Obama’s pretty goddamn good as far as presidents go. We’ve got 99 problems, but Obama ain’t one.