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Sticking the boot in.

Sep 23, 2011 in teh gay

I just want to be one more voice telling the people who booed active-duty Iraq soldier Stephen Hill for being gay, miscreants who do actually represent the Tea Party base quite ably and wonderfully, to go to hell. And the audience can’t claim exemption when they applauded Santorum’s hate screed afterwards. Blind evil.


Crushing student debt.

Sep 23, 2011 in Economy, Education

Mrs. Whistler begins her MBA in a few days. Now, in her case I know the extra $20K in student loans will be money in the bank, but she is an amazingly competent and likable person. Not all of us are so blessed;)

Unfortunately, for-profit colleges and increased tuition at private and state schools has resulted in a lot of students for whom there are no jobs, and skyscraper-heavy debt. But at least it profited somebody, eh?

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And that bubble’s ready to burst


The fundamental question-

Sep 23, 2011 in Politics

Do you think we should have spent the last three years bailing out no companies, no banks, and letting the economy crash to it’s “natural” bottom? Should we have let unemployment benefits stop last year? Should we have let GM collapse and take out the US auto industry? Were you in favor of, as the Republican Party claims to believe, doing nothing? They certainly got them a tax-cutting president, didn’t they?

Do you believe that the way to contain a recession caused by deregulation was to loosen regulation further? Do you believe the way to combat a deficit crisis was to authorize an extension of the Bush Tax Cut in its entirety? Republicans do. Obama gave them what they wanted to get something he wanted, unemployment benefits. One side for the powerful, one side for normal Americans. These unemployed were people who were working. They aren’t lazy, they aren’t stupid, there are just no jobs for them anymore. America’s base has been hollowed out by capitalist globalization. Supposedly American companies have farmed out their work to sweatshops and well-educated Indians and/or Chinese. The laws we struggle against continually direct power towards the top, and increases in profits never get handed down to workers. Unless you’re rich, I’m talking about you.

If you’re rich, continue voting Republican and trying to sleep at night. There are enough wealthy people of good conscience who espouse liberal politics. Big surprise, liberals love getting rich too. I’m American, dammit…money feels great in my hands and I love to buy things! I’ve got a certain plan B for my life that may deliver wealth, but nevermind about that. The point is that Republicans hate Warren Buffett, and any other rich liberal with an opinion. All their talk of the rich being “job creators” morphs into unbridled rage the second a rich person announces support for a liberal position.

President Obama has unveiled a jobs bill that, policy by policy, enjoys substantial popular support. Republicans oppose it. Shouldn’t that be a defining issue for 2012? Are Republicans really going to run a strong race in 2012 opposing anything Obama or even Ben Bernanke does to improve the economy? If you support the policies listed in the jobs bill, then you should be ready to vote out any politician who opposes it. The line has been drawn in the sand. There are two different sides here. Both are not the same. Their commonalities are often systemic flaws, but there is no longer a case for doubting the difference between Republicans and Democrats, and exactly who each stands for. The Republicans are the party by and for the rich, infusing extreme religious views into their political style to neutralize reason, common sense, and regard for the average family’s economic plight. Tax cuts for the wealthy are dogma. Blind support for Israel is dogma. Anti-Obama is dogma.

Do you support doing something for most Americans, or doing nothing? That is the fundamental question. Republicans are trying to make sure nothing gets done, proclaiming nothing as their ideology, and blaming Obama when they get it out of sheer political calculation. Should we dare elect a Republican president, lest he/she be tempted to do “something”?