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What snarky little twats.

Oct 30, 2011 in Journamalism

Politico, continuing the decline of journalism, tosses this typical mainstream media conceit out there:

What Obama failed to mention was that the House voted to repeal a 3 percent withholding tax on contractors — a proposal similar to one included in the president’s American Jobs Act. Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) called for the Senate to take it up next week.

It is a minor element of Obama’s overall plan, but one that allowed Republicans to highlight as proof that they are willing to work with Democrats

Well, it “allows” this in that Politico allows it by publishing sentences like that. Common sense, logic, reason, and truth certainly don’t allow it. Nor does math. Peeling off a Blue Dog Democrat isn’t proof of anything except that Blue Dogs are finger-in-the-wind corporate chickenshits who jump whenever Republicans say boo. Plus, it used to be normal that votes peeled off a few of the other side, it’s only that Republicans have become such lock-step saboteurs.

Republicans passed one tiny element of the jobs plan, a plan that itself was already modest, except that it came from Teh Great Usurper Barry Soetero. Cherry picking one thing does not cooperation make. The entire jobs plan was projected to add about 2 million jobs by Moody’s, so passing one minor measure is doomed to have minor effects. Excuse me for not seeing a flock doves.


I’ll see you in the sycamore trees.

Oct 25, 2011 in We'll post whatever we goddamned want to

Just sayin’…


How to calmly tear somebody a new asshole.

Oct 25, 2011 in Clueless Conservatives, Occupy Wall Street, Politics

Chris Hedges almost loses his temper here for a second, as his arguments are responded to by A-1 doofus Kevin O’Leary with idiotic jeering, but he chooses systematic destruction via better facts and argumentation:

It’s strange that Occupy Wall Street protesters, who are really important for drawing our attention to the destruction Wall St. and the 1% have wrought upon the country, are continuously expected, by the usual suspects, to have all the solutions. Acknowledging that we have a problem is the first step, perhaps the most important one. Finding solutions can then come out of the dialogue we have as a result, and there needs to be a lot of wide-ranging answers as we’ve nearly been killed by a thousand cuts. Thankfully, Hedges does a good job of having all the answers and proving that O’Leary isn’t even trying to pay attention. More of this!


And soon the Iraq War will end entirely.

Oct 21, 2011 in Barack Obama, Iraq

It’s kind of amazing to type that, really. 2003’s bitter wounds, as that war began over our fierce objections, had seemed now to be closed, if somewhat licked from time to time. A war that just kept kicking along forever until we turned it away from our focus, letting it drone on beneath our consciousness. A quagmire that seemed to offer no way out except for a leader to have the courage to walk away from it. To see it truly ending demands a post-mortem, and to give one we must remember.

Sullivan applies this to assessing Obama’s role:

We sometimes forget that he began as an anti-war candidate when the Great Recession was a twinkle in a credit default swap trader’s eye. And when I hear people whining about his betrayals or their disappointments, I just hope they note that against great odds, the Iraq war is over without our running for cover. Given the core contradiction of the conflict and the bungling of the occupation: not so shabby. Given his core reason for running for president, mission accomplished.

Some forgot that Obama had the edge over Hillary Clinton in 2008 because he had had the courage to stand up against the Iraq War before it was politically advantageous to do so. So this really is a full circle, one that vindicates and redeems, regardless of whatever Clinton or even McCain would have theoretically done. We chose him to end the war, and he ended the war. Sure, the Iraqis had to say no to offers of more troops, but at least Obama listened and will stick by the terms of the contract with the Iraqi people.

Let’s see the same in Afghanistan, sooner rather than later, although realistically I don’t expect it until Obama’s second term.


Is somebody going to remember the jobs bill vote next time Republicans start talking about, “listening to the American people”?

Oct 20, 2011 in Politics

Somebody needs to get Ben Nelson under the hot lights.

The jobs bill is an easy slam dunk with the public. People like it, people want it, smart people think it will work. Republicans hate it. Is it so difficult to see what’s going on? Despite even majorities of Republican voters supporting the bill, the Republicans delivered yet one more filibuster. OWS needs to get some journalistic exposure directed toward these obvious violations of the public will.



Oct 20, 2011 in Clueless Conservatives

What Republicans said about Libya in the beginning.

The president’s decision has been roundly criticized by the 2012 candidates for the Republican nomination. In an April post for the National Review, Republican frontrunner Mitt Romney wrote, “It is apparent that our military is engaged in much more than enforcing a no-fly zone. What we are watching in real time is another example of mission creep and mission muddle. In an op-ed in today’s Boston Herald, former U.N. ambassador John Bolton rightly notes that Obama has set himself up for “massive strategic failure” by demanding Qaddafi’s ouster “while restricting military force to the limited objective of protecting civilians.” Military action cannot be under-deliberated and ad hoc. The president owes it to the American people and Congress to immediately explain his new Libya mission and its strategic rationale.”

In a May appearance on Fox News Sunday, Michele Bachmann said, “President Obama’s policy of leading from behind is an outrage and people should be outraged at the foolishness of the President’s decision” and asking “what in the world are we doing in Libya if we don’t know what our military goal is?”

During the Republican Twitter debate Herman Cain wrote, “I’ve said many times before that US intervention in Libya is inappropriate and wrong. The US does not belong in this war…Pres. Obama did not make it clear what our mission was in Libya, what the American interests were or what victory looks like. We cannot risk our treasury or national treasures (brave men & women in uniform) without knowing those answers.”

Were they betting on the rebels failing? Or betting on public amnesia?


This hilarious GOP race.

Oct 20, 2011 in Election crap

Rick Perry dusts off the old Kerry flip-flopper ads from 2004 and finds they apply even better to Mitt Romney:

Mitt Romney is very certain he wants to be president, I’ll give him that.


And Gaddhafi is dead…

Oct 20, 2011 in Politics

So it’s being reported and video seems to confirm.

Have fun at that foreign policy debate, Republicans:)


UPDATE: This is a good assessment of what happened:

…the Arab League endorsed intervention from the West; the administration assembled an international coalition with surprising speed; the mission gained approval from the United Nations; and as of this morning, it appears the Gaddafi regime is no more.

It’s really that simple. Just like this:

The truth is that this President has done a good job in what has been one of the most difficult periods of modern history. He saved the economy from ruin (until the Tea Party took over Congress) with a stimulus that was as large as possible given the political realities, presided over a stock market that fairly quickly recouped many of its losses, presided over almost consecutive monthly increases in private sector job growth (unfortunately balanced by monthly decreases in public sector jobs which I attribute to the GOP further starving government), enacted the only meaningful healthcare reform ever in our history, passed financial reform (no matter what the Left says, he did this), saved the auto industry (which Romney is on record opposing), fired the first salvo of the Arab Spring with his address in Cairo no less, drawn down our footprint in Iraq in a responsible way (and headed toward almost total withdrawal), stopped numerous terrorist attacks in this country, stopped torture as policy, repealed DADT, joined the international community in a measured and responsible way to bring down an odious tyrant in Qaddafi, and killed a whole generation of al Qaeda leaders. And taking out Osama bin Laden the way he did will go down as one of the bravest military actions in American history.

Sullivan says the Obama team is too much about doing things and not enough political bragging about doing things. A Republican with this foreign policy record would be The Great Eagle Hawk Of The American Spirit Swooping Down To Reclaim Glory For The Party Of Reagan. He’d be the Republican Messiah, proof of everything they like to claim about themselves and their prowess in battle.

But really, Obama has mostly practiced a classic restrained version of foreign policy built on intelligent maneuvers rather than bungling, bluster and threats. It’s quite demonstrative of how far off the rails the Bush administration went that Obama acting like a sane president creates such a contrast.

Huge win for Occupy Wall Street.

Oct 19, 2011 in Outstanding Democrats

Shifting the media narrative. Have liberals finally figured out that trying to “game the frame” is the main weapon in the Republican arsenal?

With the debt ceiling debates behind the country and thanks partly to the pressure being brought upon politicians and the media by the 99 Percent Movement and the occupations taking place all over the country, it looks as if the press is finally focusing on the jobs crisis and the behavior of Wall Street instead. A ThinkProgress review of the same three networks between Oct. 10 and Oct. 16 finds that the word “debt” only netted 398 mentions, while “occupy” grabbed 1,278, Wall Street netted 2,378, and jobs got 2,738…

I’m glad people are done sitting on their laurels. After almost three years of pure rabid madness from the right against Obama and against any remotely liberal policies, after seeing Wall Street get handed more free cash than the rest of the country combined (remember, the Stimulus Act was 1/3 tax cuts), people have had enough. The “job creators” at Wall Street invented a bunch of money that didn’t exist, so Uncle Sam had to give it to them. And yet, in the ransacked economy that we’re left with there are half a dozen people for every open job. People have been livid, but the Tea Party came in only to go after NPR, Planned Parenthood, Medicare, unemployment benefits, and a host of their usual targets. After years of being brutalized and pummeled by the Wall Street implosion of 2008, we were implored to release their last few shackles. It didn’t make sense, and thus, finally, somebody has stood up and made sense where sense exists. Our hearts are with you folks.


You’re not supposed to say that aloud, Rick Perry!

Oct 19, 2011 in Clueless Conservatives, Election crap

These debates are great, watching every single Republican candidate get mortally wounded, so it’s hard to single out a particular moment. But I thought this summed up an important undercurrent of the debate quality:

“Governor Perry, the 14th Amendment allows anybody — a child of illegal immigrants who is born here is automatically an American citizen,” Cooper said. “Should that change?”

“Well, let me address Herman’s issue that he just talked about,” Perry said. “Actually, I’d rather you answer that question,” Cooper told him. “I understand that. You get to ask the questions, I get to answer like I want to,” Perry said, prompting boos from the audience. “And Herman talked about –”
“That’s actually a response,” Cooper corrected. “That’s not an answer, but go ahead.”

The Republicans have problems because things like reason don’t really fly with the base. And so Republican politicians end up competing to see who can bluster the most, resulting in something more like a poorly scripted WWE Royal Rumble. The press is always suspect, easily dismissed, and so the seat-belt is unbuckled, glory to be found in FREEDOM. If Rick Perry doesn’t like your question, then screw you. If Herman Cain wants to jammer about apples and oranges and the whats-its of Uzbeki-beki-beki-stan-stan, then that’s what he’s going to say. It’s called “word salad,” and it means you string together the soundbites and buzzwords until your time is up.

The audience booed Perry, and they deserve some credit for that. But please, anybody who thought logic was invited to tonight’s debate in the first place is a bit naive at this point in history. They were mad that Perry was giving away the technique.


On Herman Cain…

Oct 16, 2011 in Politics

So this is the Republicans just throwing in the towel right now, isn’t it?

Really, they’re going to go back to Romney and run a formidable campaign after this?

I am deeply, sensitively aware that Obama’s vulnerabilities have had TNT hammered into them and blown up, but doesn’t this GOP primary carnival sideshow kind of put things back in perspective?


Rush Limbaugh displays political courage.

Oct 14, 2011 in Election crap

It only took him his entire life. Rush Limbaugh has come out and stated plainly what absolutely everybody knows about Romney: He has absolutely no core principles, unless you permit, “I love America!”

Now let’s not forget, Republicans have few principles, but they at least lurch right most of the time whenever Obama has tried to compromise by using Republican policy ideas to meet Democratic goals, e.g. health care reform. But oh, do they lurch!

Since President Obama took the oath of office in January 2009, Republicans have reversed their stances on many different policies and beliefs. Here are 24 of them.

1. Health Care Mandates) Prior to the passage of the Affordable Care Act by Democrats, Republicans widely supported the idea of an individual health care insurance mandate, Newt Gingrich being perhaps the chief supporter. Republicans have always preached about how people need to take responsibility for themselves, and now that a law exists that makes people take responsibility, the GOP is rejecting it simply on the grounds that President Obama and the Democrats passed it.

2. The Nuclear START Treaty) Republicans shamelessly filibustered the ratification of the Obama START Treaty for quite a period of time and criticized it tremendously and continue to try and find ways to circumvent the treaty today. What Republicans conveniently forget is that Ronald Reagan, the man that Republicans worship like a God, negotiated the very first START Treaty which was signed by yet another Republican, George H. W. Bush in 1991. That treaty expired in 2009 so President Obama negotiated a new one to continue the Reagan legacy. But since President Obama negotiated this treaty, Republicans retreated from Reagan’s policy faster than the decade it took to create the START Treaty in the first place.

3. Dream Act) Immigration reform has been touted by Republicans for decades now. Reagan granted amnesty to millions of illegal immigrants in the 1980?s. Most recently, Republicans worked on immigration reform under the Bush Administration and failed. President Bush and Senator John McCain both supported immigration reform and were willing to cross the aisle to work with Democrats, most notably Edward Kennedy. All of that work and bipartisanship ceased after the 2008 Election. Staunchly opposed to President Obama and anything his administration supports, Republicans turned their backs on immigration reform in favor of militarizing the border and laws that violate the civil rights of Hispanics. Obama’s Dream Act would do much that Reagan would approve of, but Republicans refuse hear anything of it.

Out of the twenty-four, I’d say the author does a clean and clear job on about twenty-two. Two, not so much. One always has to be careful who one casually compares to Hitler, as Hank Williams and Megan Fox know. But the verdict is unmistakable: The Democrats are trying to hold onto stances that used to be considered bipartisan (and typically poll well with majorities), the Republicans are the people we used to rightly regard as goonish Birchers, Confederates, and Klansmen.

But then there’s Romney, a man with no mooring or no compass. One can only wonder how easily circumstance could lead him to run as a Democrat if he thought it would get him more votes. Romney must vex Limbaugh so, because the only Republican with a fighting chance against Obama is the one trying most to avoid sounding like a genuine teabagger. He panders for their votes whenever possible, of course, accumulating a decent-sized pile of horse manure in the process, but everybody knows he’s a panderer, including Mitt. There’s no mystery. Faced with the choice of trying to carry water for Romney for the next thirteen months, Limbaugh, a famous water-carrier, is crying uncle. It’s one hell of a Hail Mary, fishing for some great mythical Republican candidate to come along who can give the teabaggers what they want and win an election, but it’s kind of like wishing for a good, smart, kind woman who will also be a dirty whore in the bedroom. They may exist, somewhere out there, but in general you end up getting one or the other. Romney’s just the gold-digger who will take Republicans to town in divorce court.

And that’s one thing Rush Limbaugh knows a lot about, divorce. That and pill addiction. And sex tourism. And decorating his home like a French fop of a poseur. But I digress…


Erick Erickson is an ignorant c**t.

Oct 13, 2011 in Clueless Conservatives, Crazy Tea Party People

Just saying.

Really, if there’s one guy who embodies everything whiny, stupid, self-righteous, and willfully-oblivious about the right more than Erickson, I don’t know who it is. He’s not even smart enough to be a Limbaugh or even as charming as Hannity is occasionally capable of being (in between long bouts of logorrheal stupidity). Erickson’s just this ginger blotch on the internet, never an original or insightful thought in his head, just a desperate need to belong to something since all the hipsters won’t talk to him. Well, jackass, I don’t get a lot of hipster-love either, but I didn’t dedicate my life to getting revenge on them with stupid stunts like this 53% non sequiter bullshit.

Really, Erickson, you ignorant idiot, I’d love to see you take the bait and show up here, because “Erickson gets ass handed to him on obscure blog” would be a great headline. Unfortunately, Erickson, like any weak-minded idiot on the right, won’t let himself get caught up in anything resembling a rational debate with anybody who isn’t already a mouthbreathing rightwinger unless he can spout some soundbites and scramble.

It just amazes me that after 30 years of continual pillage by the wealthy, where even the top twenty percent of earners have barely seen gains compared to the top 1%, that when Americans finally get pissed enough to speak up about it he can only think to throw a tantrum that has nothing to do with it, EXCEPT HE HAS A PERCENT TOO!!!

Bring it on, Erickson, you sad sack.


UPDATE: Terrific tumblr here lampooning the maroons calling themselves 53%-ers. Best one here. So many of them are ranting about how poor they are and how they’ve needed government assistance or employment, yet don’t realize that they aren’t in that 53% that pays income taxes. Btw, who passed a bunch of tax cuts ten years ago excusing so many more people from income taxes?

It becomes black and white when they declare war on the EPA.

Oct 13, 2011 in Politics

Rick Perry had a good point and actually thrust a pretty deep dagger into the psyche of the right: They have no heart for certain people. Wrong sexuality, wrong religion, wrong region- all disqualifiers, and many more exist.

Namely, people who don’t want to be poisoned, thereby limiting profit. Mix that with Republicans who hate the great Al Gore and you have a grassroots movement to take out one of the most fundamental functions of government, protecting our health. Yes, I thought it was just crazy Michele Bachman rambling like the usual madwoman idiot she is, but it turns out she had her ear to the ground in rightwing lunatic territory, and she’s not the only one: Yes, they actually want to dismantle the Environmental Protection Agency.

Yes, despite 62% of Republicans wanting the EPA left alone, despite the EPA’s regulations actually paying for themselves, the Koch brothers and other big contributors still want to dump toxic waste into the environment and let your children deal with it. No, Republicans don’t want to abort a fetus, but they’ll sure as hell force it to ingest poisonous substances.

And yes, let’s not forget that as with any issue, if Republicans politicians get excited about something a number of Democrats automatically peel off and back them up (fuck you, Senators Nelson and Tester, for actually filibustering the overwhelmingly publicly supported jobs bill). Throw in the campaign dollars and you can get plenty more. Even President Obama has balanced a forward-thinking approach to renewables with utter pacification of fossil fuels and industry pollution.

But while a few Democrats will always go wobbly, let’s not forget that these things always germinate and erupt from the right. And this crusade against the EPA is without a doubt their baby. Also doubtless is its nature: evil. Not quibbling over a regulation here or there, no…but mounting a coordinated attack to neuter or do away with the EPA entirely is turning one’s back on Americans in a way that seems to come increasingly easy to Republicans. Deliberately trying to tank the economy over the debt ceiling was one thing, but literally disrupting the government’s power to protect the health of innocent Americans?

Somehow, I just have to believe the darkness must appear to win before good triumphs. Unfortunately, that’s going to mean disease and death.


Endless projection.

Oct 12, 2011 in Clueless Conservatives, Crazy Tea Party People, Election crap

Another comical effort from a GOP candidate to retaliate against brutal remarks from the Obama administration:

““What we’re getting from this administration in response to the tanking economy are deflections and diversions from what really matters, which is President Obama’s failure to create jobs,” said Romney spokesperson Ryan Williams. “President Obama has turned America into an economic disaster zone. The only question is whether we can make it to the election of 2012 before Obama takes us all the way back to 1929.””

So let’s see…:

a. Accusing of “deflections and diversions” while deflecting and diverting from the substance of Axelrod pointing out what everybody knows, that Romney will say absolutely whatever he thinks will get him a vote, regardless of whether he said the opposite yesterday.

b. Making up shit and pretending that the Obama administration actually made the economy worse, actively. Nearly everything Obama’s gotten past Republicans and idiot Blue Dog Democrats (corporatists who check in to see what Republicans think before articulating any positions) has been beneficial, but actively harmful? No, Romney, for that you have to go to the Tea Party House for doing everything it could to destabilize the economy via debt ceiling threat. And the stimulus running out doesn’t count as active harm, but rather proof that Obama’s been doing a lot more for the economy than he gets credit for.

Mitt Romney really does set a new bar for I WILL SAY ANYTHING SIR!-methods of acquiring public office. Taking that as a given, regarding any bit of huffiness from his campaign as anything other than more unintentional comedy is entirely warrantless. Now he is trying to balance Crazy Tea Party people with the general election campaign he wants to run, but that’s just testament to the fact that Romney’s no dummy, and when he tells a lie he quite surely knows he’s lying. He’s just trying to tell the base that he doesn’t want to badmouth them, but that when it comes to the general election, he’ll give Obama the toughest fight.

Except, as we can see already, Mitt Romney is a glass-jawed hair-dye salesman who obviously can’t take a punch from the Obama team without wetting his pants. He should be thankful his Republican opponents are too afraid of him being the general election candidate to truly take him to task, but he’d better be prepared for the big time if he makes it through the gauntlet of “Anybody but Romney!”-Republicans.



Oct 11, 2011 in Politics

Wow, that was quick. Rick Perry isn’t even the candidate yet, but it’s not too early to make ads darkening Obama’s face from caramel chocolate to dirty coal black. Then again, he’s been struggling to prove he’s a real Republican. Mission Accomplished.


Terminator 3 was underrated.

Oct 07, 2011 in Science

In Terminator 3, Skynet is an AI that instantly subverts our national defense system the second it goes online. In ominous news, a keylogger virus has infected US drones:

None of the remote cockpits are supposed to be connected to the public internet. Which means they are supposed to be largely immune to viruses and other network security threats.

But time and time again, the so-called “air gaps” between classified and public networks have been bridged, largely through the use of discs and removable drives. In late 2008, for example, the drives helped introduce the agent.btz worm to hundreds of thousands of Defense Department computers. The Pentagon is still disinfecting machines, three years later.

Use of the drives is now severely restricted throughout the military. But the base at Creech was one of the exceptions, until the virus hit. Predator and Reaper crews use removable hard drives to load map updates and transport mission videos from one computer to another. The virus is believed to have spread through these removable drives. Drone units at other Air Force bases worldwide have now been ordered to stop their use.

In the meantime, technicians at Creech are trying to get the virus off the GCS machines. It has not been easy. At first, they followed removal instructions posted on the website of the Kaspersky security firm. “But the virus kept coming back,” a source familiar with the infection says. Eventually, the technicians had to use a software tool called BCWipe to completely erase the GCS’ internal hard drives. “That meant rebuilding them from scratch” — a time-consuming effort.

I had enough trouble last week putting Vista on an older PC. It’s certainly a stunning victory for entropy in that viruses can so easily infiltrate and disrupt highly complex systems, yet their sub-megabyte sized files are so hard to eradicate.


Time to defund the Army Corp of Engineers.

Oct 05, 2011 in Politics

There’s no union-bashing angle so I won’t expect the usual howler monkeys to be screeching for the dismantling of the Corp of Engineers like they do every time somebody at NPR uses too much toilet paper or misplaces a receipt from Office Max.

WASHINGTON—Four Virginia men, including two longtime employees of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, were arrested today on charges stemming from an indictment that accuses them of taking part in a conspiracy involving more than $20 million in bribes and kickback payments and the planned steering of a $780 million government contract to a favored contractor.


That Sound You Hear

Oct 05, 2011 in Politics

…are the gnashing teeth of angry people coming slowly around to the realization that their candidate is going to be Mitt Romney.

I want to be among the first to say that your tears taste delicious, and your candidate is hilarious.


1,020 comments in spam.

Oct 05, 2011 in Politics

WTF, spam-holes? I’m not sifting through that. If anybody left us a comment that got caught in the filter, let us know.


Lazy parasites, grab your bootstraps!

Oct 04, 2011 in Politics

Real people, real stories. For many of you, it’s your story too. If not, are you so sure it couldn’t be?


Comrade Reagan

Oct 03, 2011 in Politics

Ronald Reagan calling on millionaires to pay their fair share.

There are two Reagans.  The one that exists in the minds of crazed, right wingers and the one that exists in legislative, and therefore, factual reality.    Besides John F. Kennedy you’d be hard pressed to think of a more mythologized administration.


Oct 03, 2011 in Politics

Tragic choice of an acronym but Kunstler points out a placard that sums up the zeitgeist nicely:

All last week across the media landscape, in pod, blog, flat-screen, and crunkly old newsprint columns, fatuous professional observers complained that the Occupy Wall Street marchers “have no clear agenda” or “can’t articulate their positions.” What impertinent horseshit. I saw a statement on one OWSer’s sign that said it all:

$70,000 College Debt
$12,000 Medical Bills
I’m 22
Where’s My Bailout?

What part of that is unclear to interlocutors of what we called “the establishment” back in the day? That would be the day of the Vietnam War and the Aquarian Upsurge. One difference being that in 1968 we at least had some solidarity in the older generation coming from figures of gravity like Senators Robert Kennedy (bumped off), Eugene McCarthy, J. William Fullbright, George McGovern, Rev Martin Luther King (bumped off), and even one US Attorney General, Ramsey Clark. Today, the entire “establishment” is a clueless, hopeless blob of self-interested, craven opportunism. Even the arty fringe – the people who pretend to be an avant-garde – are nothing but narcissistic self-branding operations masquerading as culture leaders.

But they’re vilifying the Wealth Producers!  If we hurt their feelings they might ship our jobs overseas!  Oh…whoops…they already did that.  Missing from every discussion in the The Liberal Media is any recognition that people are well aware that Wall Street continues to receive endless bailouts while they and others around them are flat-ass broke.


The smug self-satisfaction of False Equivalence Monkeys.

Oct 03, 2011 in Clueless Conservatives, Politics, Science, Sophistry

Fer fuck’s sake:

But as I commented at scienceprogress, the way I see the ledger, the religious Right gets a handful of anti-science points for views on evolution (and related rationalizations about the age of the earth, etc.), and for some dismissal of climate change theory, but the Left gets many more anti-science points for exaggerating the health and ecological risks of POPs; DDT; GMOs; plastics and plasticizers; pesticide residues; conventional agriculture; low-dose EM radiation; high-tension powerlines; climate change; population growth; resource depletion; chemical sweeteners; species extinction rates; biodiversity decline; and I’m sure the list could go on.

Many more anti-science points! Not just a few, they lap the Republicans on anti-science points. Again: Fer. Fuck’s. Sake.

First of all, those stances do a good job of summing up the mush-headed girl I dated before the brilliant Mrs. Whistler, but hardly any other liberals I know or read, and almost no political leaders or other important media figures. Jenny McCarthy, I concede…

And if we get to include New Agers worried about power lines, then we get to include Republicans who think Obama is the Anti-Christ (a quarter…good grief, click the link for the stupid things they think about him, disgusting).

Next, Mr. Green’s logic is deficient. It isn’t so much that liberals believe things that aren’t scientific, but that they “exaggerate the risks” of certain things, which prefaces his entire list. That’s a nice way of sweeping up any liberal who’s concerned about the possible risks of something like climate change that itself is not scientifically questionable. Get your numbers wrong about the rate of ocean level rising and you’re the same as somebody who thinks women were created out of a man’s rib. Or if you’re concerned that humanity is basically engaging in an ongoing experiment with GMOs, chemical exposure, cell phone use, etc. and would like more research done before we plunge ahead with certain ventures, you’re somehow against scientific research? I’ve met some people pretty strict about wanting to eat organic food, but the most I’ve seen them ask for is fair laws on labeling so massive corporations can’t bribe federal agencies into letting just anybody slap “organic” on their food. Doesn’t everybody without a financial stake in the matter want objective and informative labeling of foods?

No, this sophist isn’t about to claim that species extinction isn’t real, or that population growth doesn’t threaten earth’s natural resources. This allows him to not actually go out on any limbs and smear a whole lot of people at the same time, hiding behind the amorphous charge of “exaggeration.” Meanwhile, rightwingers are actually gearing up to go after the EPA. Does Kenneth Green think they’re going to present a lot of good science behind doing so?

This guy auditioning for Beltway attention by proving he can say LIBERALS DO IT TOO no matter what shouldn’t fool anybody, but he surely will.


How not to get on Fox.

Oct 03, 2011 in Politics