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Endless projection.

Oct 12, 2011 in Clueless Conservatives, Crazy Tea Party People, Election crap

Another comical effort from a GOP candidate to retaliate against brutal remarks from the Obama administration:

““What we’re getting from this administration in response to the tanking economy are deflections and diversions from what really matters, which is President Obama’s failure to create jobs,” said Romney spokesperson Ryan Williams. “President Obama has turned America into an economic disaster zone. The only question is whether we can make it to the election of 2012 before Obama takes us all the way back to 1929.””

So let’s see…:

a. Accusing of “deflections and diversions” while deflecting and diverting from the substance of Axelrod pointing out what everybody knows, that Romney will say absolutely whatever he thinks will get him a vote, regardless of whether he said the opposite yesterday.

b. Making up shit and pretending that the Obama administration actually made the economy worse, actively. Nearly everything Obama’s gotten past Republicans and idiot Blue Dog Democrats (corporatists who check in to see what Republicans think before articulating any positions) has been beneficial, but actively harmful? No, Romney, for that you have to go to the Tea Party House for doing everything it could to destabilize the economy via debt ceiling threat. And the stimulus running out doesn’t count as active harm, but rather proof that Obama’s been doing a lot more for the economy than he gets credit for.

Mitt Romney really does set a new bar for I WILL SAY ANYTHING SIR!-methods of acquiring public office. Taking that as a given, regarding any bit of huffiness from his campaign as anything other than more unintentional comedy is entirely warrantless. Now he is trying to balance Crazy Tea Party people with the general election campaign he wants to run, but that’s just testament to the fact that Romney’s no dummy, and when he tells a lie he quite surely knows he’s lying. He’s just trying to tell the base that he doesn’t want to badmouth them, but that when it comes to the general election, he’ll give Obama the toughest fight.

Except, as we can see already, Mitt Romney is a glass-jawed hair-dye salesman who obviously can’t take a punch from the Obama team without wetting his pants. He should be thankful his Republican opponents are too afraid of him being the general election candidate to truly take him to task, but he’d better be prepared for the big time if he makes it through the gauntlet of “Anybody but Romney!”-Republicans.