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Huge win for Occupy Wall Street.

Oct 19, 2011 in Outstanding Democrats

Shifting the media narrative. Have liberals finally figured out that trying to “game the frame” is the main weapon in the Republican arsenal?

With the debt ceiling debates behind the country and thanks partly to the pressure being brought upon politicians and the media by the 99 Percent Movement and the occupations taking place all over the country, it looks as if the press is finally focusing on the jobs crisis and the behavior of Wall Street instead. A ThinkProgress review of the same three networks between Oct. 10 and Oct. 16 finds that the word “debt” only netted 398 mentions, while “occupy” grabbed 1,278, Wall Street netted 2,378, and jobs got 2,738…

I’m glad people are done sitting on their laurels. After almost three years of pure rabid madness from the right against Obama and against any remotely liberal policies, after seeing Wall Street get handed more free cash than the rest of the country combined (remember, the Stimulus Act was 1/3 tax cuts), people have had enough. The “job creators” at Wall Street invented a bunch of money that didn’t exist, so Uncle Sam had to give it to them. And yet, in the ransacked economy that we’re left with there are half a dozen people for every open job. People have been livid, but the Tea Party came in only to go after NPR, Planned Parenthood, Medicare, unemployment benefits, and a host of their usual targets. After years of being brutalized and pummeled by the Wall Street implosion of 2008, we were implored to release their last few shackles. It didn’t make sense, and thus, finally, somebody has stood up and made sense where sense exists. Our hearts are with you folks.


You’re not supposed to say that aloud, Rick Perry!

Oct 19, 2011 in Clueless Conservatives, Election crap

These debates are great, watching every single Republican candidate get mortally wounded, so it’s hard to single out a particular moment. But I thought this summed up an important undercurrent of the debate quality:

“Governor Perry, the 14th Amendment allows anybody — a child of illegal immigrants who is born here is automatically an American citizen,” Cooper said. “Should that change?”

“Well, let me address Herman’s issue that he just talked about,” Perry said. “Actually, I’d rather you answer that question,” Cooper told him. “I understand that. You get to ask the questions, I get to answer like I want to,” Perry said, prompting boos from the audience. “And Herman talked about –”
“That’s actually a response,” Cooper corrected. “That’s not an answer, but go ahead.”

The Republicans have problems because things like reason don’t really fly with the base. And so Republican politicians end up competing to see who can bluster the most, resulting in something more like a poorly scripted WWE Royal Rumble. The press is always suspect, easily dismissed, and so the seat-belt is unbuckled, glory to be found in FREEDOM. If Rick Perry doesn’t like your question, then screw you. If Herman Cain wants to jammer about apples and oranges and the whats-its of Uzbeki-beki-beki-stan-stan, then that’s what he’s going to say. It’s called “word salad,” and it means you string together the soundbites and buzzwords until your time is up.

The audience booed Perry, and they deserve some credit for that. But please, anybody who thought logic was invited to tonight’s debate in the first place is a bit naive at this point in history. They were mad that Perry was giving away the technique.