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Is somebody going to remember the jobs bill vote next time Republicans start talking about, “listening to the American people”?

Oct 20, 2011 in Politics

Somebody needs to get Ben Nelson under the hot lights.

The jobs bill is an easy slam dunk with the public. People like it, people want it, smart people think it will work. Republicans hate it. Is it so difficult to see what’s going on? Despite even majorities of Republican voters supporting the bill, the Republicans delivered yet one more filibuster. OWS needs to get some journalistic exposure directed toward these obvious violations of the public will.



Oct 20, 2011 in Clueless Conservatives

What Republicans said about Libya in the beginning.

The president’s decision has been roundly criticized by the 2012 candidates for the Republican nomination. In an April post for the National Review, Republican frontrunner Mitt Romney wrote, “It is apparent that our military is engaged in much more than enforcing a no-fly zone. What we are watching in real time is another example of mission creep and mission muddle. In an op-ed in today’s Boston Herald, former U.N. ambassador John Bolton rightly notes that Obama has set himself up for “massive strategic failure” by demanding Qaddafi’s ouster “while restricting military force to the limited objective of protecting civilians.” Military action cannot be under-deliberated and ad hoc. The president owes it to the American people and Congress to immediately explain his new Libya mission and its strategic rationale.”

In a May appearance on Fox News Sunday, Michele Bachmann said, “President Obama’s policy of leading from behind is an outrage and people should be outraged at the foolishness of the President’s decision” and asking “what in the world are we doing in Libya if we don’t know what our military goal is?”

During the Republican Twitter debate Herman Cain wrote, “I’ve said many times before that US intervention in Libya is inappropriate and wrong. The US does not belong in this war…Pres. Obama did not make it clear what our mission was in Libya, what the American interests were or what victory looks like. We cannot risk our treasury or national treasures (brave men & women in uniform) without knowing those answers.”

Were they betting on the rebels failing? Or betting on public amnesia?


This hilarious GOP race.

Oct 20, 2011 in Election crap

Rick Perry dusts off the old Kerry flip-flopper ads from 2004 and finds they apply even better to Mitt Romney:

Mitt Romney is very certain he wants to be president, I’ll give him that.


And Gaddhafi is dead…

Oct 20, 2011 in Politics

So it’s being reported and video seems to confirm.

Have fun at that foreign policy debate, Republicans:)


UPDATE: This is a good assessment of what happened:

…the Arab League endorsed intervention from the West; the administration assembled an international coalition with surprising speed; the mission gained approval from the United Nations; and as of this morning, it appears the Gaddafi regime is no more.

It’s really that simple. Just like this:

The truth is that this President has done a good job in what has been one of the most difficult periods of modern history. He saved the economy from ruin (until the Tea Party took over Congress) with a stimulus that was as large as possible given the political realities, presided over a stock market that fairly quickly recouped many of its losses, presided over almost consecutive monthly increases in private sector job growth (unfortunately balanced by monthly decreases in public sector jobs which I attribute to the GOP further starving government), enacted the only meaningful healthcare reform ever in our history, passed financial reform (no matter what the Left says, he did this), saved the auto industry (which Romney is on record opposing), fired the first salvo of the Arab Spring with his address in Cairo no less, drawn down our footprint in Iraq in a responsible way (and headed toward almost total withdrawal), stopped numerous terrorist attacks in this country, stopped torture as policy, repealed DADT, joined the international community in a measured and responsible way to bring down an odious tyrant in Qaddafi, and killed a whole generation of al Qaeda leaders. And taking out Osama bin Laden the way he did will go down as one of the bravest military actions in American history.

Sullivan says the Obama team is too much about doing things and not enough political bragging about doing things. A Republican with this foreign policy record would be The Great Eagle Hawk Of The American Spirit Swooping Down To Reclaim Glory For The Party Of Reagan. He’d be the Republican Messiah, proof of everything they like to claim about themselves and their prowess in battle.

But really, Obama has mostly practiced a classic restrained version of foreign policy built on intelligent maneuvers rather than bungling, bluster and threats. It’s quite demonstrative of how far off the rails the Bush administration went that Obama acting like a sane president creates such a contrast.