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Merits aside…

Dec 24, 2011 in Journamalism

If you want a straight shot of SIX OF ONE HALF DOZEN OF THE OTHER!!! conventional bullshit without a scrap of thought in it, this attempt by Politifact to further defend its decision to call Democrats liars for saying Republicans voted to end Medicare will stick the junk right in your veins.

Nowhere in it will you find an address of the merits of the case. I really mean it, because this is the only sentence the merits are touched upon:

We made no judgments on the merits of the Ryan plan; we just said that the characterization by the Democrats was false.

That’s correct, the only line that mentions the merits of the criticism specifically states that the merits were not considered. Thus it does not matter whether or not the Ryan plan would end Medicare in all but name. It doesn’t matter if it hands out each senior a magic healing stone with “Medicare” carved on it. The merits of the plan are not to be considered.

What was considered? As you can see in the article, the usual tropes about oh, what sad partisan times we live in, and excuses that the Washington Post did it too so it’s okay.

The facts were not allowed in a fact-check. And everybody else should just suck it in and take it except Politifact, apparently.

How quickly people rise from nowhere into vaunted infallible hubristic disrepair.