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Jan 10, 2012 in Politics

Haven’t said much because the Republicans are about to nominate a pathological liar nobody likes who grew up rich and got richer firing Americans and outsourcing their jobs, who then later became governor of Massachusetts and made his signature accomplishment the very health care reform plan that was conceived by Republicans but used as a model for the Affordable Care Act (OBAMACARE!!!).

Then again, I can’t lose with this field, can I?

And while this is a pretty miserable crop, it is so for a reason. These are the only people fool enough to try running for president as Republicans when the Republicans have gone from bankrupt in 2008 to completely flibbeldy-floo buggers beyond belief. They are utterly riddled with inexplicable hatred for President Obama, and as a result they’ve painted themselves into corners so many times they’ve taken to jumping out windows. Whereas President Obama has handled the recession too conservatively, Republicans have forced themselves to believe he handled it no differently than Chairman Mao. Whereas Obama clearly was not responsible for the actual crisis itself or the hemorrhaging of jobs taking place as he swore his oath, Republicans are so unable to stomach looking at the scoreboard that they have no political option except to lie, lie, lie repeatedly. Romney has done well being a rather exceptionally prolific liar and dissembler, but he’s merely won first place among liars. The problem is, nearly all sane and mildly informed people know he’s lying. In order to appease the base, he has almost nothing he can say that is the truth, because they’ve been drinking pure horsepiss and dining on horseshit for three years.

And with our lovely Tea Party congress, we’ve gotten a full laboratory experiment in which we can see that obstruction and austerity do nothing to help job creation, and even hinder it.

So Republican policies created the crisis, Republican policies left us so in debt that fighting the crisis became even more difficult, and Republican politicians when elected made the economy worse with the debt ceiling debacle and forcing deep cuts in the public sector.

What’s Mitt or any of them supposed to run on? They’ve already done what they could to flee from or lie about Obama’s foreign policy record. Even though Mitt is perfectly willing to lie through his perfect teeth about Obama’s foreign policy, he’s not going to win re-election promising war with Iran and another eight years in Afghanistan. His only chance is the economy being so bad without hope of recovery that nobody cares he’s a pathological liar and Wall Street fatcat who collects $26 million a year from a company he doesn’t even work for anymore. Or that nobody will notice he has nothing more planned than even higher tax cuts for the rich, which will create even more debt wars, resulting in again more punishment of the remaining 99% of Americans.

So yeah, it’s hard to talk about Romney or any of the candidates with a poker face. Can we really be this lucky? Well, all I can say to sober up is that the luck is purely political, and that America itself has been profoundly disserviced by the Republican party. When we needed governance we got looted and pillaged. When we needed responsibility we got only fingers pointed at those who came in after the fact. When we needed recovery, we got only betrayal.

May this election be over soon for our nation’s good. In the meantime, we might as well enjoy the sad spectacle of Mitt Romney, who is whatever he is at the moment yet can never get better.