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Journamalism stupor…

Jan 12, 2012 in Journamalism

Can’t sum it up better than this. Maybe, “Should we start including peanuts in our peanut butter?”

I must giggle a bit that Mitt Romney’s stupendous campaign of constant, unskillful lying has pressed the NYT to confront some of its attitudes towards stenographic journalism. After two Gee Dubya campaigns, the euphemization of torture, and Sarah Palin I didn’t think the press had any boundaries on reprinting bald-faced lies, but there ya go, a limit.


Kill these tabs!

Jan 12, 2012 in Politics

1. Another nail in the Romney coffin before he’s even out of the general election gate. Romney has as much a chance of winning as Mr. Burns.

2. It’s still okay to treat Occupy protesters like cockroaches.

3. Citizens United backlash still spreading. People are catching on that these immortal supercitizens who cannot be jailed are steering our government while actual citizens are left behind.

4. This Iran idiocy really is going off the rails. Ron Paul, noted racist and homophobe, has been the only public figure to throw water on our increasing manic anxiety over Iran acquiring nuclear weapons, which already has most of the GOP field declaring war and the Democrats trembling over looking “weak.” Well, Dems, if you don’t want to look weak, be strong and face reality. Iran seems to be stomaching various acts of war against them with some patience, perhaps because they know what anybody who isn’t a harebrain knows, that they will eventually get the nukes anyway and then maybe they’ll be left alone.

5. The pressures of inequality on the market and its link to the Great Recession. It’s not exactly rocket science that the wealthy do better when everybody’s doing better, but thirty years of voodoo Reaganomics has taken its toll.

6. Think the Republican contenders are delivering body blows to Romney over Bain? Wait til the Democrats pull out their big guns🙂

7. Excellent analysis of the crazy cult of anti-Obama haters that the GOP has become. Along the lines I’ve laid out before:

The main reason, I believe, is that the American right was backed into a corner and had no other card to play. The disastrous presidency of George W. Bush revealed the complete bankruptcy (literally) of the two core right-wing nostrums, “freedom” (good) and “big government” (bad). “Freedom” had led to the biggest meltdown since the Great Depression. And big government – which was greatly expanded by Bush, to the deafening silence of the soon-to-be-anti-Obama fanatics – had done nothing to prevent it. In the wreckage left by Bush, there was nothing for the right to do, if it wanted to live to fight another day, except deny causality (and reality) and demonize Obama.

Exactly. Do you remember that little moment in 2008 where the Republicans were losing, so utterly adrift that people started to wonder if they were finished as a party? Where they had to come up with something to say, and there was nothing sane left to say? That’s when the Tea Party started.


Sarah Palin finally gets it.

Jan 12, 2012 in Sarah Palin

“Oh Lord. Oh Lord! Are we just numbskulls out here in the heartland of America? Just a bunch of numbskulls who can’t read the unemployment numbers and see that 5 trillion dollars in new debt later under her husband, President Obama, five trillion dollars more, and we still have fewer jobs today than we had before he took over,” Palin said, responding to a clip of Mrs. Obama claiming that some people are “confused” about the president’s real accomplishments. “But, we’re numbskulls out here and we just don’t understand what these numbers mean, what they represent.”

You, Sarah Palin, certainly are a numbskull, and your attempt to conflate yourself with all people in the “heartland” (since when is Alaska the heartland?) is just an attempt to cover up for your numbskullduggery. The debt exploded because of the recession, not because of any new policies from Obama. The jobs are lost because of the recession, not because Obama’s policies lost jobs (as I just noted, Republicans have done their best to kill jobs since the Tea Party took over the House)

If you are the type to get offended when people think you’re an idiot, one step you can take is to stop being a goddamn idiot. Palin prefers to act self-righteous, and still seems to have learned nothing. After three years, she couldn’t be bothered to learn enough to pretend to be a semi-plausible Republican presidential candidate, and with Rick Perry still in the race that’s an absolute crime. She’s never demonstrated an ounce of insight or intelligence, and yet when she mangles statistics we’re supposed to immediately discount the possibility that she doesn’t have any idea what she’s talking about. Because, of course, it’s the correct and immediate answer anybody sensible would seize upon.

But just let me say, the strange invective and spite being hurled at Michelle Obama recently really is something else. She’s quite beloved by most of the country, certainly by more people than Sarah Palin, and she pretty much does nothing but look amazing and advocate for healthy living. Considering her formidable intelligence and talents, she’s been remarkably restrained the past three years. But there you go, the difference between a confidently quiet intelligent person and an neurotically insecure loud fool.


Job slaughtering! Job massacring! Job murdering!

Jan 12, 2012 in Clueless Conservatives, Politics

For people who have decided they’re going to repeat the phrase “job killing” as often as possible whenever talking about Democrats (regardless of the facts), Republicans sure have managed to kill a lot of jobs.