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Not surprising…which is extremely depressing.

Jan 22, 2012 in Politics

Budget cuts in all areas of social services means that there are more people like Albert Flowers walking the streets without treatment.

These events happen quite frequently where I live. High on right wing theology and under constant pressure to juke stats that show an increase in collared “criminals”, juiced-up cops cruise the streets on search and destroy missions looking for anybody who dares to accidentally trip over a piece of broken sidewalk or drive to work with registration tags a month overdue. When they happen across an obviously mentally ill individual they jack them up and haul them into jail and then when they get too out of control they dump them off at the local emergency room. The hospital tends to them at a cost of up to $3K per day until they’re stabilized and then they’re sent out the door with, thanks to Medicare Part D, 30 days of domestically produced/priced meds. Those thirty days expire, the patient starts to self-medicate with alcohol, becomes delusional and sometimes violent and the process starts all over when they once again become a nuisance to the locals.