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Algae as a potential fuel generator, and also Newt Gingrich is an idiot.

Mar 26, 2012 in Energy, Politics

It’s really amazing how Newt, who is theoretically smart enough to understand that organisms can produce byproducts we find useful (bacteria produce most booze), is happy to pander to the dumbest voters by pulling out a gas nozzle and looking for the algae coming out. He knows bottom-feeder Republicans like arguments like, “I didn’t come from a monkey,” (in that case, Republican politician Jack Kingston, reliable bottom-feeder) so he trots out the dummy science. Or else he really is that stupid?

p.s. More on Newt being a depraved fool, different topic.


Fixing Medicare would prevent Republicans from killing it.

Mar 22, 2012 in Politics

So they vote against the cost-control board for Medicare that the ACA created. Because that’s rationing.

Meanwhile, they’re still drooling over Ryan’s plan to end Medicare as we know it and hand out vouchers to old folks to go buy insurance elsewhere.

And since Republicans want to end the ACA, seniors would be buying that insurance in a world where insurers could refuse patients with previous conditions.

They oppose the ACA, a compromise based on Republican health care plans, because it benefits Obama and the Democrats. And now, in line with their general anti-government agenda, they actually strive to prevent Medicare from getting costs under control, because well-functioning government programs benefit Democrats and undermine Republican narratives.

I’m really beyond the point where I can consider these antics to be in any kind of good faith. No bubble is that tight. It is partly insane, yes, but the scumbaggery simply cannot be ignored.


Never give in to fake Republican rage.

Mar 21, 2012 in Politics

1. Republicans know they screwed up badly when their leader Rush Limbaugh capped off his two decade career of misogyny by calling women who use birth control sluts indirectly via his three day smear campaign against Sandra Fluke. This informs their motives since.

2. Newt Gingrich, along with Limbaugh one of the best at hurling racist dog whistles, should never be allowed to lecture anybody on race.

3. Robert DeNiro’s joke about America maybe not being ready for a white first lady was a clear parody of the countless “is America ready for a black president?” discussions before Obama was elected president. Comparisons to Limbaugh, made by Newt, are pure distilled political bullshit.

4. Americans as a whole were ready, but clearly the Tea Party was not. The joke only stung Gingrich because it hit too close to that truth. Any remotely secure white person, enjoying the luxury of 43 white presidents shouldn’t be stomping around pissed, and most aren’t. This is still largely damage control over Rush.

5. Michele Obama going along with Newt and agreeing the joke was “inappropriate” echoed too vividly the forced apologies of blacks to their white masters for imagined slights.

But I guess, “Fuck you, you racist piece of shit,” wouldn’t have flown. Still, Michele could have flown above Gingrich and not let herself get pulled into his games.



Mar 15, 2012 in Politics

Republicans thought they had a big scoop, declaring based on some CBO cherry-picking that the ACA had doubled in cost.

Whoops, no. It’s actually going to save us $50 billion more than we thought.

These are people who’ve decided their taxes went up under Obama. It is *always* an alternate reality with them. They only stop saying things when they think people won’t buy it anymore. Question: Why does anybody buy anything the GOP is selling anymore?


Short and to the point.

Mar 14, 2012 in Politics

Let’s see what the Obama narrative is for re-election:

Domestic: He was handed the worst economic crisis since the Recession and turned it into a recovering economy. Oh, yeah, and health care reform.

Foreign: He ended our war in Iraq, has prolonged Afghanistan past the point of reason and has started plans to pull out, and yeah, he rolled the dice on a big gamble and fucking killed Osama bin Laden. Oh, yeah, and Muammar Qadhafi.

Obama’s ad campaign is just getting warmed up. Romney’s going to arrive at the end of these primaries the battered winner of a clown contest. So I think it’s pretty safe to say that Obama’s message is going to firmly established and much stronger than whatever pile of junk policy and rhetoric Romney tries to assemble for the general election (you Republicans were just supposed to hand him the crown! Hush with your questioning!).

Obama should just re-register as a Republican after the election and pose for his Mount Rushmore bust.


Healthcare rope-a-dope?

Mar 12, 2012 in Health Care, Politics

Not only will Democrats not win running away from the ACA, it’s stupid to do so. The President can run ads like this from now until November, and it’s barely up and running yet. Just imagine how many more people’s stories Democrats will be able to tell, helped by their vote for healthcare reform that covers people who fell between the cracks of insurance company profit margins.


Sweet mercy, already.

Mar 12, 2012 in Religion, teh gay

Sullivan charts the Catholic Church’s corruptive doubling down on the anti-gay:

The leaders of the current Catholic hierarchy are the Pharisees of our time. They are the people Jesus came to liberate us from. And he does. And he will.

Once again, Catholicism would greatly be improved by treating the papacy as some kind of entertaining kabuki theater. I can’t think of any organized body other than NAMBLA whose sexual philosophy should be entirely dismissed and disregarded as utterly without merit or grounds to speak.


Real women have curves.

Mar 12, 2012 in We'll post whatever we goddamned want to, Where's the outrage?!?!, Women, WTF?

Meghan McCain makes a good point about the expectation that women in the media be attractive and slim. I don’t know about you, but every time I’ve ever seen Meghan McCain, girl looks good as hell.

I saw a Fox News reporter (local) the other day, and I couldn’t believe how skinny she was. She was, in an auditorium, possibly the skinniest female in the room over the age of 18. It’s an important reminder that what passes for normal on television looks like a gaunt bag of bones in person.

Back in my single days, I dated every kind of woman on the planet. Six foot models, short chubbsters, girls with ninety-five pounds of hair and makeup and ten pounds of body, athletic-types, and so on. What I realized was that I didn’t want a prize chihuahua for a woman. I liked muscle on women, and I liked softness. To me, that kind of hard/soft has a nice yin yang quality that completes the definition of female. Feminine female. This is what Renaissance painters understood. I am fortunate to be married to a very beautiful woman in that regard.

So stick-and-bones Laura Ingraham dissing Meghan McCain was quite ironic to me. But it also resonates. Ingraham, who sounds like the meanest sorority girl on campus every minute that she speaks, doesn’t represent anywhere near the majority of women. Meghan McCain could walk into 95% of the bars of America and be one of the hottest gals in the room.

The bulk of people aren’t very attractive. It’s a wonder so many people do get married and have sex with each other, because frankly most people are pretty damn unsightly naked. Most people are happy to have a particular feature that is nice, even if they can’t point to anything other than their eyes or hair. The grassroots is fugly, folks.

And so are most men who get paid to air their thoughts in the media. Unless you think a three-way between Chris Matthews, Bill Maher, and Neil Cavuto would be teh hawtness.

Yet the secret of it all is that most of us do learn to transcend external beauty. Even the beautiful must wither before time and accept humility or be crushed (or chopped up on a plastic surgeon’s table until they look like freaks). The normal, human experience of love is between two somewhat oddly-shaped people who look at each other and see the complete person in all their glory. And they don’t ignore what feels good when it comes to appraising what looks good. People who like to tout “heartland values” ought to recognize that in the heartland, Meghan McCain is practically Marilyn Monroe.

Unfortunately, while we treat male commentators and other important figures in generous fashion, waving through all manner of disgusting lumpy bodies and hairpieces (only extremes- turtle-faces like Mitch McConnell or gigantic lard-masses like Newt Gingrich, Rush Limbaugh, or Chris Christie- really get razzed much), we apply a stringent standard to women in the public eye. It’s bad enough that it matters at all, but the window is so narrow only anorexics can get through. It’s frankly quite deranged.

So perk up, Meghan. You’ve correctly identified the transgressors, and it’s certainly not you.

p.s. All this applies to Michele Obama as well, who is the sexiest damn First Lady since Jackie Kennedy, if not all time. Holy smokes, how anybody criticizes her for having a feminine ass when she’s so crazy fit just blows my mind.


It’s about results.

Mar 08, 2012 in Politics, Women

What happens when birth control isn’t subsidized.

While ditto heads have tried clinging to examples of left-ish people calling women “twat” it’s important to remember that the left fights for and protects women’s rights. I’ve a long history of hurling virtually every word in the book at women I’ve disliked (and men, with pretty much 95% of the terms interchangeable). Yet I’ve never wavered in support for their equality, their right to control their reproductive process, and offering aid/assistance that will improve their welfare. I strive to look at the issues that affect women most through their perspective, and I have little but disgust and contempt for the men who wish to call the shots for them without that fundental respect. When Limbaugh launched that three day campaign of slurs towards Sandra Fluke, he revealed the pathology behind the oppression. That is the key to understanding this controversy.


Oh, Olympia Snowe, one of the most reasonable Republicans…

Mar 05, 2012 in Clueless Conservatives

Maybe she’s a nice person, but Olympia Snowe joined Mitch McConnell’s filibuster crusade and blew all records for filibusters out of the water, transforming the Senate by creating a de facto 60 vote requirement. Obama and the Democrats bent over backwards to make Obamacare something she could vote for, and she still wouldn’t abandon the filibuster. As in, she wasn’t just going to vote no on it, she was going to actively prevent a vote on it, because she would lose.

If that’s a reasonable Republican, then the term is useless.



Mar 05, 2012 in Clueless Conservatives, Culture, Women

This post by John Cole is about as good a breakdown of the multiple levels of wrong at play in the Sandra Fluke scandal as I could hope to come up with, so read it first. The factual errors in Rush’s attack are as egregious as the moral ones.

If nothing else, Limbaugh will learn not to call a Georgetown law student a slut. Poor minority women, don’t be looking for any reprieves soon.


So a requirement that you provide health care for your employees…

Mar 02, 2012 in Politics

…means you get to insert yourself into their doctor’s office?

I don’t compute that one. This is, alas, another case of rightwing Christians acting like they’re the persecuted ones because they can’t interfere in other people’s personal sex lives. Nothing about being your employee gives you the right to edit my health care, any more than you can interfere in how I spend my paychecks.


‘Don’t punish us for having this guy lead the party for twenty years.’

Mar 02, 2012 in Politics, Women

Boehner on Limbaugh:

“The speaker obviously believes the use of those words was inappropriate,” Boehner spokesperson Michael Steel told CNN, “as is trying to raise money off the situation.”

They’re just as bad, you know. The GOP’s top dog calls women on birth control sluts, and Democrats shouldn’t inform voters of the differences between them and the GOP in campaign mailings.

I guess it pays decent money to shovel horseshit that smoothly.


Turning the other cheek.

Mar 01, 2012 in Politics

Let’s all be big sports and not say the kind of things Andrew Breitbart said about Ted Kennedy after his death just three years ago. I’ll simply say that while I’m sure this is a horrific loss for his family, it’s not much of a loss to the Internet or America’s political discourse. But I’d far prefer sanity intervened rather than death.

The reaper lurks, folks. Mind yourselves.