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Oh, Olympia Snowe, one of the most reasonable Republicans…

Mar 05, 2012 in Clueless Conservatives

Maybe she’s a nice person, but Olympia Snowe joined Mitch McConnell’s filibuster crusade and blew all records for filibusters out of the water, transforming the Senate by creating a de facto 60 vote requirement. Obama and the Democrats bent over backwards to make Obamacare something she could vote for, and she still wouldn’t abandon the filibuster. As in, she wasn’t just going to vote no on it, she was going to actively prevent a vote on it, because she would lose.

If that’s a reasonable Republican, then the term is useless.



Mar 05, 2012 in Clueless Conservatives, Culture, Women

This post by John Cole is about as good a breakdown of the multiple levels of wrong at play in the Sandra Fluke scandal as I could hope to come up with, so read it first. The factual errors in Rush’s attack are as egregious as the moral ones.

If nothing else, Limbaugh will learn not to call a Georgetown law student a slut. Poor minority women, don’t be looking for any reprieves soon.