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Never give in to fake Republican rage.

Mar 21, 2012 in Politics

1. Republicans know they screwed up badly when their leader Rush Limbaugh capped off his two decade career of misogyny by calling women who use birth control sluts indirectly via his three day smear campaign against Sandra Fluke. This informs their motives since.

2. Newt Gingrich, along with Limbaugh one of the best at hurling racist dog whistles, should never be allowed to lecture anybody on race.

3. Robert DeNiro’s joke about America maybe not being ready for a white first lady was a clear parody of the countless “is America ready for a black president?” discussions before Obama was elected president. Comparisons to Limbaugh, made by Newt, are pure distilled political bullshit.

4. Americans as a whole were ready, but clearly the Tea Party was not. The joke only stung Gingrich because it hit too close to that truth. Any remotely secure white person, enjoying the luxury of 43 white presidents shouldn’t be stomping around pissed, and most aren’t. This is still largely damage control over Rush.

5. Michele Obama going along with Newt and agreeing the joke was “inappropriate” echoed too vividly the forced apologies of blacks to their white masters for imagined slights.

But I guess, “Fuck you, you racist piece of shit,” wouldn’t have flown. Still, Michele could have flown above Gingrich and not let herself get pulled into his games.