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On our skewed political spectrum and how it permits the nuts in the Republican party to rise to power.

Apr 16, 2012 in Crazy Tea Party People, Racism, Straight-up madness

This could serve as everything that needs to be said about the increasingly deranged idiot Allen West, who has apparently smelled the money in being the hero of those rabid conservatives frequenting blog comments sections. That he is a black man willing to echo or top the vilest Tea Party rhetoric makes his popularity guaranteed, as there’s nothing white racists love more than a token black to shield them.

One thing Americans could do is stop electing such stunt politicians. Yet they’ve become a Republican staple. Bachmans and Palins and Wests cranking up the crazy and then acting persecuted to raise money when people slap their foreheads in disgust.

How can the Republicans be considered a responsible governing party with such fools as their heroes?


Will of the people!

Apr 16, 2012 in Politics

Just a note, the Buffet rule, which only asks what Reagan asked, that millionaires pay as a share of their income in taxes as ordinary Americans, which enjoys popular support, has lost in the Senate with 51 FOR and 45 against. The Republicans employed, yet again, a filibuster so that their minority could block what the majority voted on.

Just in case you ever believed a goddamn thing the Republicans have ever said.