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Like Lenin saying he wasn’t really a fan of Marx.

Apr 28, 2012 in Politics

Just in case you didn’t think Paul Ryan was a liar.

Paul Ryan is a Republican, therefore he knows he can’t really talk about what he really believes much. Now, granted, if he were smarter he wouldn’t have created the Ryan (buy bombs with money taken from Medicare, hope lowering taxes on the rich yet again will finally beckon the Supply Side Fairy to help us) budget, as that really does tell the public what Republicans believe in, thus serving as a useful foil.

But like Ayn Rand herself, or like Ron and Rand Paul, the more you find out about these egghead libertarians with their escapist fantasies of free market paradise the more you dislike them. They’re just savvy enough to try putting it in a pretty package, but I think if Paul Ryan weren’t Mr. McDreamy to the Washington Press Corps he’d be getting a lot less credit for such clumsy and blatant lying.