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Nice ad, too bad it’s built on a blatant lie (Alternate title: A Mitt Romney ad)

Jul 19, 2012 in Politics

So look at what Obama said:

Then look at the ad Mitt Romney has released, editing out-of-context the phrase “if you’ve got a business, you didn’t build that” where “that” unequivocally refers to the American “system,” and “roads and bridges.

So the question is, did the guy in this ad get the full quote, or just the Romney-ed version? Because he should care about being lied to. And if he did see the full quote, expressing a sentiment that Mitt Romney repeated almost word for word himself just days later, while attacking Obama, then there you have a case study in completely fake winger sentiment. How earnest he is! I’m proud of the guy for what he accomplished, but guess what? So’s Barack Obama, and he said nothing less.

The only remaining question is who’s lowering themselves to the other’s level, Mitt Romney or the GOP base?


P.S. More questions: Are we to believe that maybe Republicans do think they personally built the roads they drive on? Or the Internet they’re spreading this smear around on?

UPDATE: Remember, Romney did this before. This counter-attack, once again, applies:

Marie Ann-toinette Romney

Jul 19, 2012 in Politics

What do you mean, “you people“?

Release the tax returns, Mitt, and keep Ann away from microphones.