Hillary Clinton’s problem.

Tuesday, May 6th, 2008 @ 9:02 pm | Barack Obama, Clintonitis, Election crap

Empty crap like this:

Clinton retorted, “Instead of attacking the problem, he’s attacking my solutions,” and ran an ad in the campaign’s final hours that said she “gets it.”

It’s called pointing out that your “solutions” are no such thing. That’s logic, Hillary. You do the same thing every chance you get.

As for what Hillary “gets,” it seems to be only that she can say whatever she wants without paying too many penalties from voters. What she doesn’t get is that it hasn’t been good enough to win, and that the high road was the one to take against Obama. She didn’t get that, and right now Obama is closing in on the nomination and pulling in superdelegates left and right.

Obama only needs a minority of the remaining superdelegates to clinch the victory, and throughout these past few “rough” weeks he’s still been getting the majority. This means Hillary’s hopes are resting upon something so terrible happening that virtually all the remaining superdelegates swing for her.

This isn’t going to happen, and she doesn’t get that either. All the negativity, the slime, the Republican race she’s been running, has been for naught, except to battle-test Obama and see he’s doing just fine. Hillary had her argument, briefly and tenuously, and now it rests punctured and bleeding.

The only question is, when will she get it?


6 Responses to “Hillary Clinton’s problem.”

  1. Independent Says:

    I believe I’ll see the Cubs win the world series before I see Hillary admit that she’s beaten, and has been so for awhile now.

  2. Thomas Tallis Says:

    Clinton will probably concede tomorrow, is the word

  3. Independent Says:

    BWAHAHAHA!!! TT, you so crazy!

  4. Dana Says:

    Mr Tallis, the lovely Mrs Clinton just lent her own campaign another $6.4 million; that doesn’t sound like she’s ready to concede.

    It’s not exactly unheard of for losing campaigns to fail to pay off all of their bills, and teh Clinton campaign has already had plenty of bad press about unpaid vendors. So, if she loses — which I think is inevitable at this point — and not all of the campaign’s bills get paid, just where do you think that Mrs Clinton and her $11 million in personal loans to her campaign will fall: in the first group paid off, or the last? 🙂

  5. Thomas Tallis Says:

    I was just passin’ along gossip, not making guesses myself!

    Dana if I know my rich people, and I do, there’ll be some careful calculations made about who they can afford to screw and who they can’t – this isn’t really unique to the Clintons, who learned this complex algebra from their Republican friends

  6. Dana Says:

    Mr Tallis, surely you know by now that the Clintons don’t have any Republican friends; we hate their stinkin’ guts.