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Saturday, May 17th, 2008 @ 12:04 am | Barack Obama, Election crap

Republicans are getting really nervous lately, for things are not as they have been ad nauseum.

Some analysts suggest that North Carolina and Virginia may even be within reach for the Democratic nominee, and they point to the surprising result in a Congressional special election in Mississippi this week as an indicator of things to come.

With the strong support of black voters, a conservative white Democrat, Travis W. Childers, scored an upset victory in that race, in a district held by Republicans since 1995. Kelvin Buck, a black state representative who helped the Childers campaign, said he saw a “level of enthusiasm and energy” that he had not seen before from black voters — significantly motivated, he said, by a recent Republican anti-Obama campaign.

Supposedly safe Republican elections are falling out of their hands. Bush is trying the usual horseshit and getting clobbered immediately back by Obama, which is fucking terrific news for Democrats in November. The more Obama is seen as running against Bush, the more clearly the lines are drawn for Americans. And John McCain is helplessly pinned, forced to come out defending Bush and making Obama’s case to America that he represents a continuation of Bush’s policies. The election is Obama’s if he can keep talking like this:

“What’s reckless is continuing the Bush-McCain foreign policy that has cost us thousands of lives and a trillion dollars in Iraq, strengthened Iran, enabled Hamas to take Gaza, took our eye off al Qaeda, failed to capture Osama bin Laden, failed to finish the job in Afghanistan, and left us less safe and less respected in the world. No amount of utterly predictable fear-mongering and tough talk can change the fact that John McCain is running to continue the most disastrous foreign policy in recent American history,” said Obama campaign spokesman Bill Burton.

And, of course, once again McCain is caught doing something the GOP just hates to death, flip-flopping. He simply cannot hide that he did not think a few years ago the things he supposedly thinks today, and that he wants to have it both ways: George Bush’s boy for the base, and the straight-talkin’ maverick for the independents. In the end, he can make neither happy. He can’t escape the fact that a few years ago he thought Bush was dumb as a stump, and now he’s forced to get Bush’s back every time Obama fires off a few shots.

Obama just took down Bill and Hillary Clinton. After that dogfight, taking on Bush and McCain, people he has much sharper differences with and dramatically stronger arguments against, is a fight he’s apparently been eager to dive into.

“The debate we’re going to be having with John McCain is how do we understand the blend of military action to diplomatic action that we are going to undertake,” he said. “I constantly reject this notion that any hint of strategies involving diplomacy are somehow soft or indicate surrender or means that you are not going to crack down on terrorism. Those are the terms of debate that have led to blunder after blunder.”

Obama said he found that the military brass thinks the way he does: “The generals are light-years ahead of the civilians. They are trying to get the job done rather than look tough.”

I asked him if negotiating with a theocratic/ideological power like Iran is different from negotiating with a nation that’s primarily pursuing material interests. He acknowledged that “If your opponents are looking for your destruction it’s hard to sit across the table from them,” but, he continued: “There are rarely purely ideological movements out there. We can encourage actors to think in practical and not ideological terms. We can strengthen those elements that are making practical calculations.”

In this fight, Obama is able to float like a butterfly and sting like a Gatling gun. As he continues, virtually able to strike at will, I’m suspecting America will enjoy cheering him on greatly.


2 Responses to “Gotta love this:)”

  1. Independent Says:

    Flip flopping, yes. Also flat-out lies.

    McCain yesterday: “Senator Obama has said, if elected, he will withdraw Americans from Iraq quickly no matter what the situation on the ground is and no matter what U.S. military commanders advise.”

  2. jeromy Says:

    Oh, yes, I forgot about the red-handed lying. Thx!