Sure they’re coherent.

Friday, December 8th, 2006 @ 5:25 am | Christian Right, Clueless Conservatives, Politics

I was listening to Ed Schultz today. Not the greatest intellectual on the left, but he’s one of the greatest characters, and watch out before you claim he’s getting something wrong. He’s notably astute.

Anyway, Ed addressed the familiar rightwinger problem with “states’ rights,” a buzzword that they use when it’s convenient to avoid the U.S. Constitution (banning gay marriage, segregation, slavery, etc.), and totally forget about when it’s time to crack down on people with cancer smoking marijuana.

So Ed says, “They have no philosophy, no core principles.”

Unfortunately, he’s wrong. They may have no coherent philosophy of government that stands up to scrutiny, but they have a philosophy of action that is very consistent: enforcing their “moral” (pseudo-religious) codes on you.

It’s not something you can defend against the Constitution, or even in a logical realm. It’s a philosophy that says, “There’s more of us here than you, so that’s how it is.” And in Texas there’s a lot more fag-haters than there are gays and rational straights, so that’s how it’ll be.

Yet at every chance they hope to lay claim to the entire nation in such a manner, so there are numerous attempts to enact these controls through the federal government whenever possible. If they could pass an amendment banning gay marriage in the federal Constitution, they would, and they’ll keep trying until they can. It makes no difference that it would be a flat contradiction of everything else in that document, it’s about control. That is their philosophy.

So if Oregon says, “we support the right to die,” or California says, “we support the use of medical marijuana (and frankly aren’t too concerned about marijuana itself), that has to be controlled. If they can do it from the Justice Department, they’ll do it there. If they can do it at the City Council level, they’ll do it there. If they can override a panel of two dozen doctors who say Plan-B is safe OTC, they will. The method of government is what they have no philosophy for. It is the ends of government that they have a very consistent set of beliefs about.

Because there is no method for US vs. THEM. There is no rational way of usurping the U.S.A. with the ghost of the Confederacy. All these things are of this world. They think they operate from the spiritual world, a Heavenly kingdom where Jefferson Davis sits at the right-hand side of Jesus; where Israel isn’t God’s country, Dixieland is.

JesusDixieland, call it.

We’ve stemmed the flow of JesusDixieland into the U.S.A. briefly, but I’ve been asking myself lately whether this is a real shift for America, and I can’t say yes. If Iraq had worked out reasonably well (I know, if my aunt had nuts…), and if the Republicans had managed to completely legalize their corruption/be at least slightly sneaky about it, they’d likely have won yet again, and they’d have the White House in 2008. America tolerated far too much from the GOP, and there’s not a lot of evidence that they’re averse to swallowing some of the same medicine again.

The GOP used 9/11 to stomp down hard on Democrats, keep them down, and told the country we could only risk letting them get back up when the country was safe again.

Democrats would be fools to think they wouldn’t do it again, and double-fools to think we’ve seen the worst the GOP would do.  They were only getting started, folks.  We must fight until our knuckles are broken and our teeth are smashed before we let them get unanimous control of this great republic again.

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