Bastard Fairies make the baby Jesus cry.

Sunday, December 17th, 2006 @ 9:15 pm | Uncategorized

Kudos to Andrew Sullivan for trying to bash new band the Bastard Fairies and introducing me to them.  They’re funderful!  Andrew misses that the girl is an actress, not brainwashed, but it doesn’t really matter anyway.  The tunes are sweet, the lyrics are trenchantly funny, and the lead singer, Yellow Thunder Woman (she’s Sioux), is so freaking (and freakishly) beautiful I could cry (click on pics to witness the glory).

And they’re rock n’roll.  They aren’t here to appease Soccer Mommies and those alarmed by free thought, they aren’t here to introduce a model of philosophy that fits all, or even one that is realistic.  They’re here to exist purely, to give representation to the rebellious id, to create an alternative world away from the godless priests who need to control, control, control.

Best yet, their entire album is available for free download.

Sing along now, “We’re all going to Hell”!


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