The War Against Drugs Americans.

Thursday, August 21st, 2008 @ 12:05 am | Drugs, Politics, Straight-up madness, Stupidity

We already accept this as ordinary when done against our own citizens. Is there any wonder the Constitution hangs by a thread? Patti Davis, Ronald Reagan’s daughter, takes a look at the consequences of drug raids that target innocent people first and ask questions later.

Imagine being Georgia Porter, one minute cooking dinner, the next handcuffed on the kitchen floor, inches from the bloodied body of a dog who was part of her family. Imagine Cheye Calvo hearing the shots from upstairs, not knowing what was happening, and then finding himself handcuffed, helpless, forced to kneel in his underwear. Imagine Trinity Tomsic dealing with her defiled home–not only did the police slaughter their dogs, they tracked blood all over the house in a search that yielded nothing.

You need to imagine all these things because, in a way, we all live in that house. It’s called our country, and this is what’s starting to happen here.

Prince George’s official country Web site defines itself as “a county of livable communities.” That’s what we all wish for–a livable community, a home where we feel safe. We want to feel that if the bad guys come, we can call the police and they will be the good guys. We want to believe that if we’re innocent, armed men with government badges won’t handcuff us and shoot our pets and wave their weapons in our faces.

But more and more of us don’t believe that.

Politicians have been rendered impotent to advocate rationality in the face of things voters fear. If one stands up, they’re guaranteed an opponent who hammers them for not being “tough.” Under Bill Clinton the Drug War ratcheted up with almost no restraint, and under Bush all bets were off. Interestingly, the Bush administration went after marijuana with a special fervor (the case Davis cites was a marijuana raid). It seems that when a president smokes marijuana in his past, as Bush was recorded admitting, the country gets the lash even harder. Apparently, use of a drug doesn’t inspire empathy in a president, but rather overcompensation. Let’s pray that a President Obama breaks this pattern (abandon all hope if McCain gets in). Voters have grown tired of throwing people in jail and Gestapo-style home invasions destroying the lives of innocent people, especially over a recreational drug like marijuana which is exponentially safer than alcohol or tobacco. Those who take on the responsibility of voting need to responsibly address this issue.

Then again, they need to responsibly address a lot of issues. The human condition is not well.


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