Liberal positions make gains among the populace…SO WHAT?

Monday, August 25th, 2008 @ 3:42 pm | Disappointing Dems, Election crap, Politics

Further evidence that if presidential elections had anything to do with policies, Democrats would win every time.

Of course, our presidential elections have become Prom coronations. Republicans are no doubt overjoyed to see Hillary Clinton supporters defecting from Obama to McCain for absolutely no reason whatsoever, and are gladly stoking the fires. Even what Hillary herself says matters no more. The election is now in the hands of a tiny minority of “Democrats” consumed with senseless anger and completely deprived of logic, ready to vote against Hillary’s positions and advice, for John McCain who calls his wife a cunt in public and laughs when somebody calls Hillary a bitch. Are they going to be fooled into thinking that people like Bill Kristol are suddenly feminists who care what they think?

Just witnessed on CNN, Democrat at the convention vs. a Hillaryite ready to burn the house down:
“Democrats like you are the reason we lose elections!”
“Blame the Democrat party for picking losers!”

Well, Hillary lost, you fool. This should have been dead and buried already. By the end of this week, it had better be.


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