More Prager. Why not?

Friday, January 19th, 2007 @ 3:12 am | Clueless Conservatives

Still curious, I find a transcript of an interview with Howard Zinn. It didn’t take me long. Never does with Prager…

DP: What percentage of the Indians do you believe we massacred, as opposed to diseases ravaged?

HZ: Oh, well it might have been 10 percent.

DP: Okay, okay. So I’ll say that. But 10 percent is very different from the generalization of “we annihilated the Indians.”

Hmmm. Disease killed most Indians, but we wiped out most of the rest, booted the leftovers onto the worst land in America, and have generally pissed on them and their culture every chance we get, trying very hard to wipe it out completely. But Prager doesn’t want to go so far as to say we annihilated the Indians!

Do I need to read further? That’s this man’s first priority upon getting to interview Zinn? To make sure we don’t feel all that bad about the systematic genocide that went on most of American history? To make people believe that white settlers would have left all the Indians killed by disease alone?

He’s a godless priest, a Grand Inquisitor. He believes fully in natural selection when it came to Indian society vs. European, pagan vs. Christian. But you can’t go to the public with that openly. You’ve got to try sideways shit like, “but disease killed most of them!”

It’s about message control.


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