Wednesday, September 17th, 2008 @ 12:29 pm | Election crap, Sarah Palin, Uncategorized

Not surprisingly, AIG gets the golden parachute.

Capitalism, as it is understood in contemporary American society, is a win-win however way you look at it. If there are profits to be made you get to keep them. If you make bad decisions and your company tanks the government will come in and bail you out. I wonder if this is what right-wing mouth-breathers have in mind when they’re constantly preaching their “free market” theology and its figure-head the “Invisible Hand”.

On the bright side we’ve finally shifted the focus of the election from wolf packs, lipstick and pedophilia to the economy; an actual honest-to-god ISSUE. Furthermore, the new penny shine is starting to wear off of Caribou Barbie (What’s the Bush Doctrine again?) because no degree of novelty can cover up her woeful ineptitude forever.


2 Responses to “Capitalism!”

  1. NOC List Says:

    Consider this; if the Republicans had had their way it would have been our Social Security money going down the drain along with Wall Street!

  2. jeromy Says:

    Massive zings to you, oh unergonomically named NOC List…