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Friday, October 17th, 2008 @ 5:23 pm | Economy, Old Man McCain, Politics

McCain doesn’t believe anything he’s saying about taxes anyway.

“There’s one big difference between me and the others – I won’t take every last
dime of the surplus and spend it on tax cuts that mostly benefit the wealthy.”
[McCain campaign commercial, January 2000]

“I am disappointed that the Senate Finance Committee preferred instead to cut
the top tax rate of 39.6% to 36%, thereby granting generous tax relief to the
wealthiest individuals of our country at the expense of lower- and
middle-income American taxpayers.” [McCain Senate floor statement, May 21,

“But when you look at the percentage of the tax cuts that – as the previous tax
cuts – that go to the wealthiest Americans, you will find that the bulk of it,
again, goes to wealthiest Americans.” [NBC’s “Today,” Jan. 7, 2003]

Stolen from somebody on ISCA…


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