Systemic behavior in the GOP.

Saturday, October 18th, 2008 @ 1:28 pm | Politics, Racism, Where's the outrage?!?!

I was somewhat depressed by some of the racism I saw from some voters during the Democratic primary. I felt disillusioned and disheartened that it could have happened among Democrats.

I realize now, I hadn’t seen anything yet.

[youtube lPg0VCg4AEQ]

[youtube zRqcfqiXCX0]

There is a sickness.


4 Responses to “Systemic behavior in the GOP.”

  1. Jldmeyer Says:

    Yeah, they sound angry. They only say those things because the economy is sour. Once the economy is back on track under McCain then they won’t be so racist anymore. High prices and job layoffs certainly bring out the worst in people!

  2. jeromy Says:

    Typo, Jldmeyer?

  3. Jldmeyer Says:

    Never! When the floods came to Cedar Rapids, I discovered I had a sudden hatred of illegal aliens. It just came out of nowhere.

    Seriously, I find the idea that these “pro-Americans” are merely angry deceiving. McCain slid passed answering that debate question by labeling them as angry. Sure, they are angry. They are angry at the idea that some black-islamic-anti-american terrorist could become their president. The problem with this being the fact that McCain and Palin do very little to correct people on their lack of the truth. What those McCain/Palin events are allowing is like handing a pyromaniac a book of matches and saying it wasn’t your fault they lit a fire. Just because you handed them the matches doesn’t mean you helped them light it. These people have been handed the matches and it is the ugly side of America that we wished didn’t exist anymore.

  4. Matt8 Says:

    If these are “real Americans” then count me out. That’s some ugly shit.