$150 million. 3.1 million donors. $86 average donation.

Monday, October 20th, 2008 @ 11:17 am | Uncategorized

Back in 2004 when Joe Trippi revolutionized campaign solicitation by utilizing the web it was laughed at as a disorganized bunch of internet loons looking to waste their money on a long-shot, Far Left candidate. Today it is the most effective means of campaign finance. The most important metric is the average donation. It shows that unlike John McCain the Obama campaign is financed by normal, working Americans and not special interests or PACs. These people are voting with their wallets and they are choosing Barack Obama by a resounding margin.


One Response to “$150 million. 3.1 million donors. $86 average donation.”

  1. jeromy Says:

    Damn, I only gave $75 and wanted to go $25 more, but I’m broke as a mothergrabbin’ joke right now.

    Obama has $500 million to spend for the next 16 days though, so I’m not worried too much…