Let the blaming begin!

Monday, October 20th, 2008 @ 4:37 pm | Uncategorized

Paul Begala and Snakehead (James Carville) have an entertaining article up on Huffington Post giving the Republicans a few pointers on how and who to blame for the implosion of their party. They recommend starting early and shying away from blaming the Librul Media ™ and minorities.



3 Responses to “Let the blaming begin!”

  1. Dana Says:

    An interesting article, but the blame for the coming Republican defeat — and yes, I admit that is the almost certain outcome — goes to the unfortunate timing of the financial crisis; if it had waited until November 5th, John McCain would win the election.

    The American people were wary of Barack Hussein Obama, and rightly so: he’s really not ready to be president. But the financial crisis turned people into big government activists, wanting the federal government to Do Something, even if they didn’t all agree on what should be done. And that got them past their wariness concerning Mr Obama; more became willing to give him a chance.

    Once that hurdle was overcome, the entire campaign is, from the left, why people should vote for Mr Obama, and from thye right, why people should vote against Mr Obama; the conversation is all about him, and very little about why people should vote for Mr McCain.

    Well, someone has to lose. It looks to me as though that someone is going to be Mr McCain — which also means that the American people are going to lose, but in a democratic country like ours, the public have a right to take a wrong decision.

    So, we’ll have to endure the coming gloat-fest from the left; that’s an inevitable consequence of an Obama victory. And conservaties will have to hunker down, and work hard to frustrate Mr Obama’s initiatives, undermine his policies, and defeat his judicial nominations. We will have to do to Mr Obama what y’all did to President Bush for the last four years. More often than not, our efforts will not succeed, but some of them will.

  2. ToddInChicago Says:

    Um, no. The vast majority of the American people are excited to have Obama as president. Barack Obama is very ready to be president, and is more than qualified.
    SOME American people are wary of BHO not because he’s not ready to be president, but because they are not ready to have a Black president.

    We all didn’t do anything to “president” Bush for the last four years (or eight, but who’s counting), Bush brought all that shit on himself (and us). The blame for the GOP losing is not due to the “timing” of the financial crisis, it’s due to the GOP.

    Look, what it really comes down to is this: your time is over. Reagan was a massive failure, and his policies and the Conservative Movement movement he helped birth are failures. Your politics of fear, oppression and putting profits over people are in their death throes, and the rest of the country (and indeed, the world) is moving on – with you or without you. You can jump on board and be welcomed with open arms, for which your grandchildren and great-grandchildren will thank you, or, you can remain behind with your 1980s worldview and 1950s social views. It’s your choice – because unlike the politics you and the GOP espouse, those of us who are moving forward beleive in your right to have a choice.

  3. jeromy Says:

    Honestly, how often does a candidate seem better prepared for the office? Dana repeats “Barack isn’t prepared” as an article of faith.

    Anybody who watched Dubya flounder for eight years and approved isn’t to be taken seriously talking about Obama anyway.