Just a friendly reminder…

Wednesday, October 29th, 2008 @ 2:33 pm | Journamalism, Old Man McCain

John McCain wouldn’t even have had the opportunity to lose the election (KEEPIN’ MAHH FINGAZ CRAWSST) if the press hadn’t been his base for the past decade. The origin of the tire swing for McCain metaphor was something I actually hadn’t heard before today, I just thought it was colorful. And let’s not forget McCain knew this himself


2 Responses to “Just a friendly reminder…”

  1. King me Says:

    That’s why I find the whining about Obama being a media darling f*cking rediculous.

  2. jeromy Says:

    I should have added this bit of common sense I read on Politico:


    The people who care about it typically come at the issue with scalding biases of their own. Any statement journalists make on the subject can and will be used against them. So the incentive is to make bland and guarded statements. Even honest ones, meanwhile, will tend to strike partisans as evasive or self-delusional.

    Here goes anyway.

    There have been moments in the general election when the one-sidedness of our site — when nearly every story was some variation on how poorly McCain was doing or how well Barack Obama was faring — has made us cringe.

    As it happens, McCain’s campaign is going quite poorly and Obama’s is going well. Imposing artificial balance on this reality would be a bias of its own.

    Exactly. All things are not equal, and it cannot be overstated that the right is as biased as biased can possibly be. They can’t think logically to save their life. All that is good for McCain is blown up beyond belief, and if they can’t find something bad about Obama, they’ll make it up. They don’t argue, they repeat soundbites. The first question when dealing with people on the right is, “Wait a minute, who the hell are YOU to point fingers?”

    So far independents and undecideds have swung Obama’s way. He’s a better candidate with a better message. On the other hand, John McCain is a Republican! Which do you care about more?