The dying confessions of a rightwing hitman.

Thursday, October 30th, 2008 @ 12:36 pm | Politics

Roger Ebert reviewed Boogie Man: The Lee Atwater Story, a documentary about Karl Rove’s spiritual daddy, the architect of modern GOP scumbag election tactics now being put down like a rabid dog via Obama’s impending victory (I SEDZ HOLD YA BRETH!) over John McCain’s hate-fest of idiocy and illogic. Atwater died at 40, having lived long enough to infect American politics, and was supposedly consumed with guilt in his last days.

Atwater’s death by brain tumor at age 40 was preceded by deathbed regrets. The film has heartbreaking footage of this boyishly handsome man turned by chemo and radiation into a feeble, bloated caricature of himself. On his deathbed, he called for a Bible, and sent telegrams of apology to those he had offended, even Willie Horton. “He said what he had done was bad and wrong,” Rollins remembers. “He was scared to death of the afterlife.”

Mary Matalin, who never trusted or approved of Atwater, says: “After he died, they found the Bible still wrapped in its cellophane.” She thinks he might have been spinning right to the end.

Not that much of anything Mary Matalin says can be believed…she needs to deny that Atwater politics, whatever she thought of the man, lacks validity since she made a career of trafficking in it since. But if it’s true, it suggests the complete corruption that consumes those who practice the dark arts. In the end, the Bible was of no use to him if he couldn’t throw it at somebody. Presumably said telegrams exist, so perhaps mortality did shock his conscience somewhat.

Can one really imagine the nightmares Karl Rove would suffer on his deathbed? Would you want to be that guy when the tidal wave of realization hit? “What did I do with my life?” would kill him where he stands right now if he honestly asked the question. My guess is, he never will. Atwater died early, while Rove has been stewing in his juices too long. He has to keep hating to breathe. He is likely to be financially independent the rest of his life, and thus the black spectre hovering above his head will be his only payment. Certainly the media has already forgiven him, and the Gangrenous Ossified Party will keep him warm with good will in trade for fealty. Indeed, the base of Limbaugh and Palin will spend the rest of their lives describing Karl Rove as a hero, and they will believe it until their consciences are shocked as well. I suspect a generation of Democrat dominance will only make them angrier, but by then their generation will be dying out. May the next one find a vision of conservatism that is pragmatic and concerned with balance for the sake of the country, not party.


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