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Thursday, October 30th, 2008 @ 1:12 pm | Clueless Conservatives

Just watching a preview of 24 season 7 (I f’ing love that show, btw), and saw the comment thread degenerate into madness, so I thought I’d take a representative sample. I’d say John McCain and Sarah Palin got their message out really well. Except you sound like this then you take it seriously:

On a serious note; Obama refuses to hand in his birth certificate. Nobody knows where he was born(I bet it wasn’t America). People, we can’t get a job without a birth certificate, let alone join the senate, and you want to vote for this scam artist? Wake up people, Nobama is fooling you.
By the way, he said that he’ll give a tax cut to 95% of americans(This if fact). Well, did you know that about only 45% of americans pay taxes? Gee, I feel jealous of those imaginary 50% of people who will live wonderfully under him. And one last thing, did he misplace his middle name or did he think we forget he has the same name as a terrorist??
Thank you.

I’m glad he was being serious with us and not spouting a pile of bullshit.


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