The Beltway can’t help itself.

Thursday, October 30th, 2008 @ 2:44 pm | Beltway-itis, Politics

One party is always the mirror image of the other!

That’s harder to imagine, though, as each party’s moderate wing shrinks.


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A Democratic sweep might bring to Washington some relatively centrist freshmen who would provide a check on the most liberal wing of the party.

Guess not. They just have to say things like that to be “balanced,” even though the Republican Party is collapsing into a gang of religious nut Sarah Palin ignoramuses. The Democrats are bringing in centrists, who hold positions reflecting the majority of Americans, but somehow their moderate wing is shrinking. How do we know? Because the Republican moderate wing is shrinking!

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But it might claim as victims some of the few remaining Republican moderates, such as Sen. Gordon Smith of Oregon and Rep. Christopher Shays of Connecticut, and some of the real workhorses who are more interested in legislating than grandstanding — the capable New Hampshire senator John E. Sununu, for example.

Never mind that these moderate Republicans generate no support or enthusiasm from the Republican base, it is sad that Democrats will replace them with centrists.

Republicans have decided their last, best argument is “Avoid one-party rule!” Because they voted Democrat in 2004 and 2006, right? Obviously they don’t believe it for a second. Most people are fine with one-party rule, as long as its their party. We can’t always have a divided government, and there’s a purpose to elections: politicians get to actually be in power for a little bit before people get a chance to toss them out. Republicans would have us reject Democratic control of the White House and Congress before such a thing dare be allowed to take place.

What are they most afraid of, however?

Democratic success.

If Barack Obama has a successful four years with a Democratic Congress, Republicans would feel lost and helpless, forced to readjust their extreme positions or die out for good. It’s the threat of a good example, the threat of Americans realizing, “Omigod, we have Democrats in office and things are going well!” Democrats will be able to point to how shitty things were when the GOP was in charge, and Republicans will be unable to keep screaming “Its teh JJimi Carter!” to keep Democrats out of office. And that’s the scariest thing they can imagine.

And with a Democrat President unlikely to do more than keep the Supreme Court in balance, this argument finally falls flat on its face. The pendulum must swing.


One Response to “The Beltway can’t help itself.”

  1. mike g Says:

    It’s also no secret that no matter how far to the right you are you will never be labeled as a “radical”. There are conservative Republicans and moderate Republicans. Even if you’re a full blown bigot like Rick Santorum you wont be labeled as such. Furthermore, you have to internalize that the radical right wing is a true reflection of middle America and any deviation represents a break from the mainstream. This all plays into the Beltway’s obsessive belief that all American’s want is bipartisanship. Unfortunately, bipartisanship to them means that the Republicans write the bills and the Democrats get to agree to them.

    The Beltway hasn’t figured out yet that the Republican Party no longer represents the mainstream.