Let the blaming begi…. ?

Thursday, November 6th, 2008 @ 12:08 am | Clueless Conservatives, Politics

In a rare instance of honesty in the wake of a crushing defeat, The Cornerites have looked inward. After asserting yet again that, get ready for this, the country is still center right and is skeptical of liberalism (shock), they take a step that by 21st century standards is rather brave for a Republican:

The public has, however, clearly rejected the Republican party in its present configuration. It is always difficult for a party to maintain control of the White House after two terms in office. But both President Bush and Senator McCain made the task harder. Bush took too long to change course in Iraq and botched the response to Hurricane Katrina. McCain rarely stuck to one message or strategy. The financial crisis, for which we do not primarily blame either man, sealed the party’s fate.

But Republicans have been so unpopular for so long, and their failure has been so sweeping, that it is a mistake to dwell too long on the flaws of specific men or the consequences of particular events. Neither Bush nor McCain nor congressional Republicans gave much sign that they understood the frustrations that average Americans have felt over the last few years toward the economy and Washington, let alone that they had solutions. The exit polls demonstrate this failure again and again: in the questions about which party and candidates voters consider the most sympathetic to regular people; in the questions about who would do best for the economy; in the breakdown of the vote by income.

It’s a far cry from admitting that invading a foreign country on false pretexts was wrong and as a result rational adults have reacted with scorn but it’s a start. The Republican party, led by George W. Bush, has failed to address concerns of the American public and they have paid the price two elections running. It’s difficult to even pinpoint what the Republican party even stands for these days. Their only commonality seems to be a scatter-shot list of shared grievances.

If the party wants to survive it needs to abandon the Southern Strategy. Even the most casual analysis of voting demographics in regards to age and race show that the GOPs twenty year track record of playing upon xenophobia, race baiting, guilt-by-association, etc. has lost its effectiveness. Young voters have dispelled the long held notion that they were permanently apathetic and indifferent to politics.

These two pictures illustrate the Republican base wandering off the reservation:



A regional party, increasing in intensity as it shrinks in size, moving backwards as the country moves forwards. Waving off the failure of the president they unwaveringly adore isn’t a productive way of thinking.


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