Big tent-Smart tent

Thursday, December 11th, 2008 @ 1:13 am | Uncategorized

First off, Obama picked an Energy Secretary that, I know this sounds crazy, actually has some knowledge and background in the role he expected to fulfill. Secondly, it looks like people are as confident as I am in his choices.

Secondly, I’m happy to see that Obama has so far stone-walled the press regarding the crooked Rod Blagojevich and not given in to the demands of the pundit class. Those being that he hold a press conference detailing his participation in crimes that the prosecution specifically said he had absolutely nothing to do with. Since the complaint emphatically states his innocence, Obama’s team has something the wingnuts haven’t taken into consideration; time. Played smartly, Obama could discredit the Breitbarts and the Drudges even further by intentionally letting the scandal-mongers work themselves into a frenzy over what might turn out to be nothing. If what has been insinuated happens to be true, that those vying for the Senate seat were in on the investigation, then it would drive the Hannitys, the Limbaughs and all of the blogs that rely on them for their material further into irrelevancy.

David Axelrod bet on the Republicans using the same old play book and ended up winning an election. In my mind, the Republicans and cable news trying to relive their glory days in the 90s is a good sign.


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