Doh! -or- Bush serves at the behest of the evil unions! Take your pick.

Friday, December 12th, 2008 @ 12:06 pm | Uncategorized

Democrats are chomping at the bit to “save” the auto industry (read: blackmail) by pouring taxpayer money into an industry that can’t compete. But is it really a good idea to save an industry so incompetent and burdened by union-backed gimmes?

From todays NYT:

WASHINGTON — President Bush and the Treasury Department signaled on Friday morning that they would consider dipping into the $700 billion bailout program for financial institutions to aid the Big Three car companies, after Republican senators refused to support a compromise proposal to rescue the automakers.

I await excoriating posts about how the Bush Administration is propping up a failed industry and by extension, antiquated unions.


10 Responses to “Doh! -or- Bush serves at the behest of the evil unions! Take your pick.”

  1. Resolution 242 Says:

    Don’t hold your breath. Gone from all of the right wing “analysis” of Detroit’s troubles are questions like “Why did GM build the Pontiac Aztek?” or “If Detroit hates unions so much then why are a great many of their vehicles made in cradle to grave socialist countries like Canada?” or “Japan has universal health care so beloved corporations don’t have to be saddled by their unions health care demands.”

    There is a lot wrong Detroit and to lay the blame squarely at the feet of unions is a complete sham.

  2. Resolution 242 Says:

    This ugly fucker is the worst of them all>

  3. Sharon Says:

    Good idea, Mike. I’ll be writing about it as soon as I get home.

  4. mike g Says:

    Ha! The Aztek! Point taken. Cadillac Cimarron, anyone?

    I can think of a few more obvious examples of Detroit idiocy that has nothing to do with unions. How about the fact that GM has several product lines that directly compete with each other? Can somebody please tell me why I would choose a GMC half ton over a Chevy Silverado? Or how about back when they completely abandoned their hybrid programs because they assumed that nobody would want one? The list goes on.

  5. mike g Says:

    Sharon, admit that you own a Pontiac Aztek!

  6. Nate W Says:

    I’ll see your Aztek and raise you a Vega!

  7. mike g Says:

    Sharon could explain in her post why the Republicans seem more than happy to commit political suicide by completely writing-off the Rust-Belt and the Midwest.

  8. mike g Says:


  9. Nate W Says:

    She couldn’t bring herself to do it.

  10. scott Says:

    My wife’s uncle was an engineer on the Vega Project and he admitted that it might have had a few flaws. So to rectify that folly they rolled out that memorable piece of Detroit iron, the Monza.

    Either fire up the muscle car production line or let evolution take its course.