Poor misguided fools.

Friday, December 12th, 2008 @ 4:46 pm | Politics

“…the party of the Appalachians…” Well now…
Compared to the slime coming out of Chicago these days, the Appalachians look pretty darn good. Just my cup of tea. Skyline Drive, Blue Ridge Parkway, Great Smokey Mountains. Yep, sounds good. Y’all come see us when ya can.

While rightwingers marvel over the corruption of Chicago, USA Today does some number crunching.

Guess who’s the most corrupt state? North Dakota.

Then look at the map and see where the most corrupt states in the US are.

Now look at Appalachia.

The heart of the Republican Party.

On a per-capita basis, however, Illinois ranks 18th for the number of public corruption convictions the federal government has won from 1998 through 2007, according to a USA TODAY analysis of Department of Justice statistics.

Eat the crow, boys. Then crap it and make love to it.


2 Responses to “Poor misguided fools.”

  1. mike Says:

    I would have guessed Louisiana.

  2. mike Says:

    A little then versus now courtesy of Common Sense Political Thought:

    Dana talks about Ted Stevens:

    Whether Senator Stevens is guilty of the charges he faces or not is beside the point: he’s been a senator for decades, and has done plenty of good work for the country and his state. Though his reputation will be permanently sullied if he is convicted, such a conviction doesn’t mean that he never did anything good in the past.

    Nor does Mr Stevens’ indictment mean that the President should treat him as though he is guilty; the senator is legally innocent until proven guilty, is still a member of the United States Senate, and should not be treated as some sort of pariah before his day in court. Yet our friends on the left would try to associate President Bush treating Senator Stevens with courtesy as some sort of symbolic link, to make it appear as though President Bush must approve of corruption.

    Make no mistake about my position: if Senator Stevens is actually guilty of the crimes for which he has been indicted, then I hope he is convicted and punished. But it is wholly unreasonable to try and taint someone else, just because that someone else is polite to a man who has been charged with but not convicted of a crime.