More advice they wont listen to.

Saturday, December 13th, 2008 @ 8:16 pm | Politics, Uncategorized

Not gonna happen because when you say to a neo-Confederate that they can’t use public schools to promote Christianity they characterize that as an attack on their religious freedom. If you call someone out for being a bigot you get labeled as an elitist. In the case above, the neo-Confederates will interpret Powell’s words as an attack on Limbaugh’s freedom of speech.


PS… Is Fareed Zakaria an Indian doppleganger of Willem Defoe?

One Response to “More advice they wont listen to.”

  1. Thomas Tallis Says:

    man Colin Powell on a good day is like the dream conservative – super-intelligent, insightful, measured in his responses – I probably disagree with him about plenty of stuff but that clip is like a lethal blow to the last sixteen years’ worth of Republican strategy