Bush finally impresses me.

Sunday, December 14th, 2008 @ 5:03 pm | Energy, Uncategorized

The man has mad shoe-dodging skillz.

I gotta admit, the first shoe would have caught me.


8 Responses to “Bush finally impresses me.”

  1. mike Says:

    How embarrassing.

  2. Dana Says:

    I’d have been more impressed if he had caught it and then tossed it away.

  3. network-ia Says:


  4. jeromy Says:

    Dana: Don’t be silly. It would be a wasted opportunity if he caught the shoe and didn’t throw it right back.

  5. Yorkshire Says:

    If this were done to Saddam, how many pieces would the reporter be in today? Also, would it have made world news? Or he can come home and say he flew 12,000 miles just to get a lousy pair of shoes?

  6. jeromy Says:

    Remember, as long as we aren’t as low as Saddam was, everything is fine!

  7. Thomas Tallis Says:

    jeromy that gave me a huge LOL

  8. jeromy Says:

    Sounds like the shoe-bomber is being beaten in prison, with several broken limbs and internal bleeding. He also faces two or more years in prison.

    Given that this guy is a street hero in the Middle East, that Bush dodged the shoe and dismisses it as no big deal, and that Bush will likely avoid prison himself for his own crimes, how about negotiating a pardon for the fellow?