The Fix-Mike’s-Retina Donation Post…Extravaganza!

Tuesday, December 16th, 2008 @ 5:00 pm | Energy, Uncategorized

As our loyal readers who hang on our every word know already, a few weeks ago Mike was the victim of a brutal mugging while taking out some cash at an ATM to go Christmas shopping for his family. As I previously noted, this happened in freaking Ft. Dodge, Iowa. Anyway, Mike got his hand broken and in the process of getting his head kicked in damaged his retina, requiring an operation.

As a result, Mike has missed a lot of work and now, even with insurance, faces some hefty bills in order to have this operation to save his sight in that eye.

We know we are a tiny blog with a readership strongly dependent on the people we know, fellow Iowa bloggers and various Republicans we’ve pissed off at some point. Yet we’re hoping that if we can get even 10% of our readership to throw a few bucks Mike’s way, it’ll ease the burden of his health care costs.

We firmly believe the Internets is for fighting and blowing off steam and saying all the things you can’t say at work or family functions, or even to your Republican fishing buddies. But we always do our best to help a friend in need, so we’re hoping a few of you can click on the Paypal button and spread the word.

Oh, here’s the operation of which we speak being performed on some other lucky chap.

So if you have two minutes and a few bucks to spare, please help save Mike’s eye.


UPDATE: America the beautiful:) Mike will be in surgery tomorrow and recuperating until Monday. We thank all friends, real and virtual, who are helping make his recovery easier.

11 Responses to “The Fix-Mike’s-Retina Donation Post…Extravaganza!”

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  2. Dana Says:

    By the way, my donation will come on Thursday — that’s payday!

  3. Noreen Moseley Says:

    I have met you in the past when you have volunteered to DJ the Prairie View Sock Hop. I am one of the people who try to round up kids as they run around the gym! It’s always a crazy night, so I am quite sure you wouldn’t know me by name. Anyway, my husband and I sent a donation to help out. My oldest son was a student of Mark’s several years ago, so anything to help someone in Mr. G’s family is a great cause!

  4. Robin Freshour Says:


    I too have met you at the last Prairie View Sock Hop. You are so kind to help us at our school and I would be most happy to make a donation for this cause. Mark is a big part of our Prairie View family and if he asks for help, he should get it! I’m sorry to hear what happened to you and good luck to you!

  5. Conservatism Today Says:

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    Mike Ganzeveld, one of the two main bloggers on the Iowa Liberal ( was mugged at an ATM in Fort Dodge, Iowa at the end of last month. He wound up with a broken hand, which is healing, but worse,……

  6. Mike Says:


    I hope you make a speedy recovery. We are spreading the word around to try and get you some help. Hopefully you get well soon and they catch the folks who hurt you. Take care and God bless.

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  8. Dana Says:

    Since Mike won’t be in any position to tell us himself, it’s your duty, your duty! to keep us up to date.

  9. Art Downs Says:

    Lets all help out. No one deserves this treatment.

  10. Dana Says:

    Shall we call it our Christmas present to Mike?

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