Opposition to gay marriage increasingly incoherent.

Friday, December 19th, 2008 @ 11:46 am | teh gay

I read the letters to the editor in the latest Newsweek regarding the “Religious Case for Gay Marriage” article by Lisa Miller from a last week.

Today I pulled that Newsweek out of my backpack where I’d shoved it and forgotten about it, and read the article.

Was it impossible for Newsweek to find a letter from somebody who did the same and actually read the article?

If you go to their website, you can find a tidal wave of reader feedback. This entry is the latest, but there are several trying to encompass the reaction. But it’s hard to find much nuance, intelligence, or reason in the vehement pushback from anti-gay activists. It amounts to:

1. I am going to disregard your proofs that I do not take all of the Bible literally, and just say that I do anyway. ESPECIALLY THE GAY PART. (Bonus points for those who dug up an extra citation Miller left out, like Sodom and Gamorrah)
2. Regarding the right of gays and gay-friendly people to their religious beliefs: on to point 3!
3. I have some other reasons outside the Bible to deny gays marriage rights, but look away while I base my stance on the presumption that homosexuality is a choice…
4. Did I remind you that LOTS OF PEOPLE AGREE WITH ME? That means something! Disregard that I won’t change my mind if the tide turns and more people disagree with me…

Essentially the same crap arguments we’ve been hearing for the last ten years, all things that could have been written simply by reading the title of Lisa Miller’s article. There’s never been a rational case, and nobody’s invented one recently.

And nobody will. That’s kind of how it goes when you’re wrong. You keep resisting, but you slowly and steadily run out of ammo. Eventually people stop finding you persuasive, and you just end up being some grumpy self-righteous old person muttering under your breath.


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