Be like Jeebus.

Friday, December 19th, 2008 @ 3:45 pm | Barack Obama, teh gay

I mean, being a gay and Christian is kind of asking for a hypocrisy hat, if you’re going to be really hardline about it. But many of the gays love Jesus and believe he loveth them. Sullivan elaborates:

If I cannot pray with Rick Warren, I realize, then I am not worthy of being called a Christian. And if I cannot engage him, then I am not worthy of being called a writer. And if we cannot work with Obama to bridge these divides, none of us will be worthy of the great moral cause that this civil rights movement truly is.

The bitterness endures; the hurt doesn’t go away; the pain is real. But that is when we need to engage the most, to overcome our feelings to engage in the larger project, to understand that not all our opponents are driven by hate, even though that may be how their words impact us. To turn away from such dialogue is to fail ourselves, to fail our gay brothers and sisters in red state America, and to miss the possibility of the Obama moment.

It can be hard to take yes for an answer. But yes is what Obama is saying. And we should not let our pride or our pain get in the way.

My only retort is that pride doesn’t come easy for many gay people. They have to fight for it all their lives, and may not want to set it aside easily. But they may need to.

Okay, I know that last line totally copped Andrew’s style, but still.


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